23 Feb 2014

my favourite MAC lipsticks

Hey guys!
MAC Cosmetics is probably one of the most well known cosmetic companies. I'm 99% certain nearly every beauty junkie owns at least one MAC product. Me? I'm guilty. I own several of their products, including their foundations, concealers, mineralize skin finishes and blushes. But the one thing I am really guilty of hoarding, and I know I am not alone in this, is their lipsticks.
The MAC lipsticks would have to be around my favourite brand for lipsticks. They have so many different formulas, finishes, textures and, most importantly, a whole rainbow of colours to choose from. And if that wasn't enticing enough, they have collections in which limited edition products are released, which you have to buy, because realistically who knows when you may see that colour again?
Oh lord. I went through my make up drawers and collected every single MAC lipstick I own, intending to pick five, and five only, for my favourite and most loved MAC lipsticks. I counted, and apparently I own 20 of these. Twenty lipsticks. Just MAC lipsticks. Most of which I hardly ever wear on a daily basis because they are so expensive! I couldn't bear for one of them to run out and then having to buy another.
Could I pick five? Hell no, I couldn't. With 20 lipsticks, I had it narrowed down to ten. I then had to really get rough and cut two out. That left me eight MAC lipsticks out of twenty that are all my favourites and that I couldn't live without. Eight. Oh man, if you guys could see my lip products, you would ask why? Why do you need so many lipsticks? Do you even wear these? Well I need them. I do, I do, I do.
So which lipsticks were special enough to make the cut?
From left to right:  Flamingo, Plumful, Rebel, Lovelorn, Creme Cup, Syrup, Flat Out Fabulous, Angel
Flamingo: Luckily for you guys, this is the only limited edition lipstick that I really couldn't do without. From what I understand, this colour is released once a year in a collection, or every couple of years. I got mine with the All About Orange Collection that MAC had last year. It is a beautiful milky pink colour, with a touch of coral. It has a lustre finish, so I wouldn't say that the colour is too pigmented or opaque on the lips or lasts very long, but does feel quite moisturizing and looks natural on the lips. This has, so far, been my favourite summer lipstick!
Plumful: This colour is lovely deeper purple-y pink, and I would call this a great everyday Autumn/Fall (whichever side of the world you come from) colour. It has a lustre finish again, but with a surprisingly great colour payoff in one swipe. I feel that it is super moisturising, and without eating of drinking, it lasts for about 2 hours before starting to wear off.
Rebel: This colour is hyped up so much on Youtube and beauty blogs alike, and I feel like nearly everybody knows about this shade. Most would own it as well. I don't blame anyone for blasting this colour, because it does not disappoint. It is a beautiful berry colour, that doesn't really lean red or pink. It just happily sits in the middle. It is a opaque in one swipe (hurray!) and is a satin finish, so it looks lovely and lustrous on the lips. I find this doesn't wear off too quickly, and it does leave behind a stain while it wears. This is another great Autumn/Fall colour. I wouldn't wear this everyday though, I do think it is a little dark for that. But, I usually pair it with a subtle smokey eye because its bold without being too bold. Definitely a colour that everyone and their dog should own.
Lovelorn: I wear this lipstick on a semi-regular basis. Its a gorgeous, wearble cool-toned pink. I wouldn't say its like Snob, which tends to be quite a Barbie pink, but is medium pink that is definitely perfect for those looking for an everyday pink that isn't bright enough to be Barbie, but not dark enough to be a MLBB (my lips but better ;) ). It has a lustre finish, is again quite moisturising like most lustre finishes, and I feel like this lasts quite well. I can still feel it on my lips at the 3 hour mark.
Creme Cup: Another raved about shade. This is a perfect baby pink colour, with a cremesheen finish. It looks quite creamy and natural on the lips when first applied, but staying power on this baby is weak. I get an hour at the most, and I can definitely feel when it is all worn off. I also feel like this colour can show up any dry patches on my lips, so I always exfoliate them with a sugar scrub before putting this colour on. But, with those negatives aside, it is a beautiful colour and I feel like it really hits the nail on the head in terms of being so wearable and different at the same time. Definitely in between the nude and Barbie pink colours.
Syrup: Oh lordy, I love this shade. This is my 100% MLBB shade, being a muted mauve pink and so wearable. I probably wear this the most of all my MAC lipsticks. I find it goes with literally any look that I am creating, while still looking so natural on the lips. Its again a lustre finish (can anyone see a pattern here?) so it is super moisturising, and I can get about 2 hours wear out of it before feeling it start to wear off. I recommend the heck out of this lipstick, it is an investment really. What other colour could you wear with your everyday makeup as well as going with the most dramatic of looks? Seriously, you need it. Off to the MAC counter with you!
Flat Out Fabulous: Oooooh this colour is such fun. It is part of the Retro Matte collection (think Ruby Woo), which I'm pretty sure were limited edition and then made into part of the permanent line. It is a bright fuchsia colour, that has a matte finish, so you know this baby will last almost the whole night AND leave behind a stain. I would say that it is a little drying, but I don't find it to accentuate any dry patches on my lips, which is amazing because that is my biggest problem with matte finish lipsticks. It is just such a fun colour, and I couldn't not include it!
Angel: You may remember this as the lipstick Kim Kardashian made famous when her makeup artist admitted that this was what he used on her. This was probably one of my first MAC lipsticks, and is a pale pink that is a classified as a frost finish. Except there is nothing frosty about this colour. It is quite sheer, but can be built up to be almost opaque. Its really wearable, and has pretty average staying power. Another that I wear on a semi-regular basis.
Swatches: (l-r) Flamingo, Plumful, Rebel, Lovelorn, Creme Cup, Syrup, Flat Out Fabulous. Angel
The unfortunate thing about MAC lipsticks is their price. In Australia, these retail for $36. But, I have been duped before after buying a cheaper one on eBay and later realising that it wasn't a real MAC lipstick (which I later confirmed with my local MAC counter). Honestly, I would rather pay the $36 and have a beautiful lipstick rather than buy a fake online. With such an array of colours to choose from, I really don't think you can go wrong with one of these them. For that price, you can buy a lipstick to wear everyday and really get your moneys worth, or a different, unique colour that drugstores may not offer a dupe for.
Hope you enjoyed the review! If you can recommend any other MAC lipsticks that you think belong in the Top 8, please leave it below in the comments! I'm always on the lookout for new shades! :)

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