8 Jul 2015

YOU'RE SO OVERRATED #3 // Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Hey guys!

Last year, I started this series that is quite possibly one of my fabourites to write about - and it's called You're So Overrated. For a recap, this series is to write about all the products that I personally have been persuaded to buy because of all the hype and excitment from Youtube and the blogsphere, and have failed to meet expectations. This doesn't mean they're bad products in the slightest (well.. some are..), just that I don't think they're deserving of the hype that surrounds them. I've previously talked about the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and the Lime Crime Lipsticks - and now, I'm talking about a huuuuuuuge cult favourite.. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun.

Don't get me wrong - I love most Benefit products. I don't think that this a terrible bronzer in the slightest. However, for the amount of time this is talked about and raved about, I really don't think that it is quite deserving of the praise.

Read on to see what I think!

Hoola is, in my opinion, a neutral toned bronzer that most people use for the dual purpose of contouring and bronzing. The consensus is generally people loving this product because of this purpose, and its supposed ability to match your skin tone whether light or medium. But personally, I just find this way too hard to work with.

Maybe I got a dud, but this honestly is pretty hard to blend on my cheeks. It just ends up looking really mud on my face rather than bronzed goddess. I still bring it out from time to time, but the times where it hasn't worked for me outweigh the times it has unfortunately. I don't think its necessarily a bad product - it is a nice enough colour, but because it really doesn't work for me, I definitely think the money ($51 is no small change) could have been spent better elsewhere. If you were buying this, I'd try and get another smaller size (they have them sometimes in their kits or holiday packages) before committing to a full size purchase, as I have normal, non problematic skin and I'm still not completely in love.

There you have it! What I really think about the Hoola bronzer and whether you should purchase it or not. If you've tried this bronzer, and have had either the same experience as me or otheriwse,lease leave it below! If you have a magic way to use it and love it, let me know that too!

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5 Jul 2015


Hey guys,

It's that time of the month again! I honestly love writing these - as I've probably stated before - because it's my chance to get down to the nitty gritty and really decide which products I have really been turning to this month. This month it's a little different. As I haven't done a favourites since January at the very least, this is a compliation of products that I have seriously been OBSESSED with since April/May, as well as June. Some you may have already seen in previous posts, or will feature in those upcoming, so I won't go into too much depth.

Read on to see which products made the cut this month!

Three words - HOLY GRAIL PRIMER. Yes, you heard that correctly. Lawd almighty, this primer is everything. Its a gel based primer, and is yellow to correcr uneven tones in the skin as well as to hydrate and provide a base for your foundation to hold on to. Oh my goodness, this is like glue. My foundation literally goes nowhere when this is on my face. Not only does it provide that base, it also really hydrates and keeps my skin feeling absolutely lovely. You can also get this in a pink shade, rather than yellow, to brighten up the face, but I really like the yellow as it starts correcting any breakouts or redness in my skin. I paid a pretty penny for this, but I would pay it all over again. Honestly.

I've already written all about these - you knew they would be in here! I'll say it, these are major all time favourites, especially for my winter skin. The combination of both of these makes my skin look photo filtered without being caked or over the top. I'm just honestly in love with this combo - here's the post where I detail how I use them and why - and I'm going to be devastated when I run out because I won't be buying more for a long time... I'll be doing a seperate review on each as well for you when I get the chance, so be on the lookout for those!

Yep. I'm using powder. I always swore that I wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't use powder, because my skin is dry and honestly every powder I have used made me look even drier and my skin ever cakier. Until I met the MAC Studio Fix Powder - this sh*t is bananas! I use this to mainly set my nose and chin, as those are the places that foundations wears off really easily for me, and the lightly press a dusting over the rest of my face. It does have colour to it, which i like for my nose and chin as it provides the extra coverage when the foundation does decide that it's had enough of my face that day. Plus, its amazing for touch ups. Another repurchaseable item fo' shizzle, and I recommend the heck out of it!

This is new to Mecca, but I've honestly wanted it in my hot little hands since i saw Jaclyn Hill (typical) talk about it in one of her favourites videos in the recent months! I've owned it since the beginning of June and I love it - the colour is perfect, the blendability is perfect, the smell is perfect - ugh, I'm in love. I also have the Milk Chocolate Soliel (also adore it), but unfortunately I can only pull that off as a bronzer when I am quite pale. I definitely recommend giving this at the very least a swatch in Mecca, and taking it home with you if you love it. You're definitely getting good quality at a great price, in my humble opinion!

Another product I talked about here - this stuff is literally saving my skin. I use it three times a week, and it is honestly holding my breakouts at bay and helping my skin rejuvenate in between uses. I could honestly see a major difference in two uses, and it doesn't disappoint every time I use it. If you have dry skin, and are really after a product that smells INCREDIBLE and will really smooth and give your skin a radiant glow, I highly recommend this mask!

Ugh, yes, I'm a MAC whore, I admit it. But this lipstick is amazing - I love love love it, and it's no joke when I say that it's been my go to 99% of the time since I purchased it at the beginning of May. This lipstick is almost like Myth and Velvet Teddy had a little nude baby. It's gorgeous pinky brown beige nude, which makes the perfect shade when mixed with Whirl Lip Liner. If you're after a nude lipstick at MAC that isn't too nude, nor too pink or brown I would definitely try this one out!

7. Adult Colouring Books // $10-11

I'd seen these literally everywhere online, and when I found these in my local Target I decided to pick them up. Between work and uni, it's safe to say I was feeling just a tad stressed out, so in my spare time I started to colour in pages to try and feel a little more relaxed. Well, these definitely helped for sure, just to take my mind off everything else I had going on and it was also a lot of fun! I'd definitely recommend these if you are after something to do thats fun and creative, and that also helps out your mind at ease!

And that's it for this month's favourites! What are some of the products you've been turning to during June?

Until next time...


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1 Jul 2015

WORTH THE SPLURGE // My Top Five Products Worthy of their Price Tag

Hey guys!

Having been a full time student and working as many hours as I could fit in with my schedule in order to save, I know what its like being on a tight budget. I used to want to just spend my money on the cheaper products from the drugstore, but as I've gotten older (and further into my makeup addiction), I've started to want to save a little more and spend it on something high end rather than blowing it in Priceline.

However, as we all know, being on a budget means you can only splurge every once in a while  - and its tough walking into Mecca or Sephora and realising that you can only pick one or two items out of the vast majority that you want to hurl into your basket. As such, I've compiled a quick list for five items which can possibly help you when trying to make that decision.

Read on to see what made the cut!

Yes, this has been spoken about to death but I legitimately use this pretty much every day I do my makeup. Considering you get three powders, which although originally intended to be setting powders, can be used for so many different purposes. For example, I use the first shade as a setting powder, the middle shade as a subtle highlight and the third to warm up my complexion. They're incredible - they blend out so well and look so subtle on the skin. Not to mention it's such great value for money - you get three powders for $ and ONE of these powders costs $ at Mecca!

2. MAC Lipsticks // $36

Take it from someone who owns way too many of these lipsticks - y'all need at least one in your life. I say that these are worth the splurge purely because they have such a wide array of shades and finishes, that there would have to be at least one for everyone out there. There is one for every skin tone, every preference, everyones favourite colour - you name it, they have it. I am personally a nude girl, and own way too many MAC nudes and pinks, but also have purples, pinks, red, maroons oh my goodness, there's just way too many to choose from (which is probably why I own so many!)

Lawd, I have just started using this in the last week (check out my post here to read more!) but it's already become something that I will 100% be repurchasing. Besides the magic that it has done for my skin, it smells absolutely incredible - seriously, get down to Mecca and smell this now, and tell me that you can't bear to leave it behind - and feels so unbelieveably luxurious on my skin. It is a mask that can be used both as a 10 minute mask (although they do have a seperate mask made for that) but really it just feels like a really lovely thick night moisturiser, which is how I personally use it. Just trust me - get a sample (or purchase the tube, either or) if you have normal to dry skin, and I'm sure you won't be turning back!

Of all the eyeshadow palettes that I own, this probably my favourite. Don't get me wrong - I'll always love my Naked palettes, however, I've noticed more and more that whenever I use eyeshadow, I always go immediately to this palette. The shade selection is amazing, neutral and easy to blend and work with - plus it goes with every occasion and includes the cult favourite Kitten shadow. I definitely recommend it for all those neutral obsessed addicts and also for beginners or anyone looking to get value for their money! And I personally think Stila is really reasonably priced in Australia too, so you really can't go wrong.

What did my brows do before this? I am OBSESSED with this stuff for my brows! I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz on an everyday basis, but this honestly makes my brows look so incredible that I will never be able to go without it. Its a moussey, creamy texture that makes it super wasy to sculpt out dem brows and make them look super duper amazing. Plus, you only need a teeny bit of product for each brow each time - definitely value for money, as it lasts forever!

And that's my take on what products are 100% worth their price tag! Do you agree with me, or do you think that there are some others that should have made the cut? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time...


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