30 Jun 2014

june beauty favourites

Hey guys!

June is finally at an end, and you know what that means - it's time to share my favourites of the month with you all! June was such a busy month for me - between finishing off uni assignments and exams, going back to work full time while on holidays and having all sorts of ups and downs, I've barely had time to wear makeup most days! However, I have rediscovered one product, stayed in with some current favourites and of course, fell in love with some newer products.

You know the drill - I will break this down into two categories and give you guys mini reviews of each product featured! Read on to see what I have been loving for June.


1. Models Prefer Liquid Light Brightening Primer
I spoke about this primer in My Current Favourite Primers post, and I have used this almost every time I've worn makeup this month! I just love how easy this is to use - its a creamy formula with subtle gold shimmers throughout. Once applied, it has this lovely cooling effect on my skin and it just subtley brightens up my complexion without looking like a disco ball. You can find this here on the Priceline website for $16.99AU.

2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation
This was featured in my May Favourites post, and also here where I have a full review on it. I won't harp on - I love this foundation, its amazing and when I have tan it matches me perfectly. I just really enjoy it, and I'm dreading the fact that I may run out of it sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how much this retails for in Australia (I'm going to guess and say the $50-60 range) but you can find it here on the Benefit website (yes, it ships internationally!) for $36US.

3. Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder 
My rediscovered love.. I actually always had this in my makeup bag for touch ups, though I rarely used it. But lately my foundation has been rubbing off my nose and chin badly - so bad that those areas are basically white and the rest of my face is my foundation colour. Now, I set those areas with this powder to give me a little extra coverage, plus it does help them last a little longer as well. I love how flawless this makes my skin look, not cakey whatsoever! The only thing that sucks about this powder is it's colour range - luckily, Deep Natural fits my skin tone exactly! You can find this here on the Priceline website for $11.40AU.

4. MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodites Shell
Eeeeek, I waited so long for this collection to come out! I was so in love with the packaging, plus the fact that the product inside was a plus in itself.. I was a mermaid in a former life, so of course I was going to buy it. This bronzer is just such a gorgeous colour - a beautiful golden brown colour that has just the right amount of pigment that it doesn't look muddy. Just a beautiful bronzed glow. Plus, this can be used dry and wet! How cool! This is the first extra dimension anything that I've owned from MAC, but I love it. I'm not sure if this is still available in stores at MAC, but its been sold out online since it came out.

5. Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara
Oh lawdy, this mascara has been my jam all month! I've actually had to physically force myself to swap it out of my everyday products to give others a chance. I won't say too much, as this will be featured in another blog post this week, but I fricken love it and I will 100% repurchase! You can find this here on the Priceline website for $14.95AU.

6. Benefit Benebalm Hydrating Lip Balm
Again, LOVING all these balms. I mentioned Posiebalm and Lollibalm in my May Favourites and this is my latest addition to that collection. This is just the most natural rose lip colour, and it just goes with everything! Super easy to just slick on so it looks like MLBB. These haven't been released in Australia yet (they will be in August) but they are available here on the Benefit website for $18US.


7. BioElixia Multi Action Eye Serum
I mentioned this in my Winter Skincare Essentials post, and you guys, I am so impressed with it. It is so hydrating under my eyes, and it sinks in almost immediately into my eye area. I just love how easy it is to use - I've even taking it to placing a little on my nose area and the sides of my lips because those are my dreaded dry areas in Winter, and it works perfectly. You can find this here on the BioElixia website for $39.95AU or you can also find it in store at Myer and David Jones in Australia.

8. Stefan EcoCoco Tan
OMG I am so glad this tan paved its way into my life. This is a cream that develops on your skin, and its infused with coconut oil so it doubles as a body moisturiser as well! I won't lie, the first time I actually used it I thought that it wasn't going to work - and boy was I wrong! This develops into this gorgeous golden colour, and if you put a second coat on it never looks orange - it just enchances that glow. Plus, it smells exactly like coconut, no fake tan smell here. So impressed with this, and I definitely want to try more from this range! You can find this here on the Ecococo for $29.95AU

And that's it for my June favourites! What were some of your staples this month?

Until next time...


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25 Jun 2014

winter skincare essentials!

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that I've been a but quiet for a bit over a week now. I had some things happen in my personal life and was lacking in creativity and inspiration, so I decided to take some time off to relax. I'm back though, not to worry, and finally bringing you Part 2 of my Winter Beauty series. 

This time its all about skincare, and what I have been using to keep my skin from completely drying up and looking all cray. I have been using this combination since midway through Autumn to start prepping my skin, and have it to thank for my skin feeling as good as it does at the moment. I love trying new things for my skin, but typically in Winter I like to to stick to a rigid routine because straying from it can lead my skin to dry out and look awful - ain't nobody got time fo' dat, amirite?

So here's the routine I stick too - read on to see what I use and why!

After taking off my makeup, the first thing I do is go in with Clarisonic. This little machine is my baby, I'm pretty shocked how much this has improved my skins appearance and texture. I know some people hate on it because of the price, but I do not regret spending one cent. I use this to firstly get rid of any remnants of makeup on my skin (which there always is, even after scrubbing it with my favourite makeup remover the Garnier Micellar Water), and also to gently exfloiate my skin to get rid of any dry patches I may have. My skin always feels completely smooth after using it.

After using my Clarisonic, I get a little cotton round and pour some of this on it. Not only does this get rid of any makeup that the Clarisonic may have left behind, it also adds a little more moisture back into my skin. After swiping it around on the cotton round, I then turn it around and use the drier side to pat off the excess cleanser that hasn't soaked into my skin yet.

Two newer additons that have recently-ish made it into my skincare routine are these two godsends from Bioelixia. I use the Multi V Moisturisng Lotion in the morning, and the Multi Action Eye Serum at night, as it tends to ball up my makeup if I use it in the morning. I adore both products, they smell so good and they're so incredibly hydrating, ESPECIALLY the eye serum. A little tip I also use in Winter is to put my a little of the eye cream on the ends of my nose and on the sides of my lips because those are my driest spots - works wonders, and its so amazingly moisturising!

Oh lawdy, do I love Sukin Skincare. I have a full post on all my products here but these are the two that are most important in my Winter skincare routine. On the left, we have the Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream which contains rosehip. I love this as my night time moisturiser, it sinks in straight away without leaving any greasiness at all, just baby soft moisturised skin. On the left, we have my ever beloved Rosehip Oil which I use before the moisturiser. I can never say enough good things about this oil - its another great shot of hydration, yes, but it also makes my skin more plump (in a good way) and radiant when I wake up in the morning. (And yes, I needed a tissue under it because it unfortunately leaks everywhere - even when standing upright!)

And of course, the most necessary part of Winter, for me anyway, is to maintain a gorgeous bronzed glow. Because everythings better with a tan, of course! These are two that I have been loving lately. The J Bronze Dark Tanning Mousse, which gives me this beautiful deep golden colour that looks extremely natural despite being ' fake tan, and a newer edition, the Stefan EcoCoco Tan which is not a mousse but a cream developing tan. I have been using that for the past three weeks, and it smells exactly like Reef Oil and moisturises my skin at the same time - love multipurpose products!

And that's it for my Winter Beauty Skincare Routine! Wouldn't be able to maintain my skin without these products - and it's so important to have this in place because a smoother base will give you a more flawless makeup.

What are some of your Winter skincare essentials?

Until next time...


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13 Jun 2014

my current favourite primers

Hey guys!

A week or so ago, I mentioned that my primer box (see above) is absolutely overflowing with primers. Why do you ask? Well, the face is 100% my favourite part of my makeup routine. You may all know that my foundations are already taking up the majority of my collection, but I honestly believe that without a primer my foundation wouldn't look as nice nor stay as long.

As such, I have collected all of these primers in hopes that I would find the primer to end all primers. I typically go for primers that provide hydration or a luminous finish as I have normal to dry skin, and I just find that these help my foundation glide on over any dry patches and help prolong the wear of my makeup - I don't ask for much.. I have already made a post on Primer 101, in which I go into detail of which primers are the best for different skin types, if you are wondering which primers will work will with your skin.

When I asked if you guys would like to see some of my favourite primers from this box, it was a definite yes. I am always on the lookout to try something different, and the primers I will mention in this post are my favourites thay I've tried on my quest so far. Actually, theres six (which I will mention despite not owning it at the moment) that are all the ones I love and switch between in a semi-regular basis.

Read on to see which primers made the cut!

1. Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Primer (not pictured)

Of all primers that I have tried, this is my favourite! I only don't own it at the moment, because I recognise that I may have a slight problem in hoarding primers and don't need anymore at the moment. I have however mentioned it a million (exaggeration?) times on my blog, and it is just everything I want in a primer and more. It provides my skin with an extra hit of hydration without being a moisturiser, and a tacky enough surface for my foundation to adhere to and stay all day. Plus, it gives me a subtle glow before I got in with the rest of my face. As soon as I use up some more of my collection, this baby will be the first one I buy. It retails for $21.95AU here on the Priceline website.

2. Models Prefer Liquid Light Brightening Primer

A newer purchase of mine, this is fast becoming a favourite in my primer routine. I honestly didn't expect much, because I always thought that Models Prefer products were a bit miss rather than hit. But I was definitely proved wrong. This is a creamy formula with subtle shimmers in it that doesn't make you look like a disco ball but just livens up your complexion. It does provide some hydration, but really I just love it because of how my skin looks when I go in with my foundation. It does help my face to stay on a good eight hour day as well. This retails for $16.99AU here on the Priceline website.

3. ELF Cosmetics Mineral Primer in Green

This product is probably the one that garners the most questions on my Instagram. Does it work to correct redness?  Is it worth spending the little amount it costs? Guys, this is up there with my most favourite and coveted primers. Yes, I'm as shocked as you are! This actually works really well to neutralize my redness, plus my makeup is pretty much going nowhere when I put this primer on. It is silicone based, so I do wait a minute or two for it to sink in to my skin, but honestly, this is worth every dollar and I would 100% pay it all over again. You can find these at Kmart, I only paid something between $8-12AU.

4. Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

This is the only high end primer that I've tried and loved. Its a balm type of primer that you swipe on your face and then rub in with your hands. It smooths over any dry patches I have and makes them pretty much non-existent. While I haven't worn it on my face for 15 hours, I 100% believe that my makeup would still be on my face at that mark. Plus, its lasted me forever and the packaging is so adorable. For a high end primer, I would pay the money again if I ran out. You can find this at Benefit counters in Australia for $47AU or here on the Benefit website for $32US.

5. Garnier Perfect 5 Second Blur Primer

I won't harp on about this primer as I have a full review on it here. But, I really like this primer because it honestly blurs the blackheads on my nose! Any imperfections I have are magically gone when I use this primer, and considering its price, I was so impressed. I would definitely recommend trying this if you are someone who wants a cheaper alternative to something like the Benefit PoreFessional. This retails for $16.99AU here on the Priceline website.

6. Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer

This is another newer addition, but I am loving it! It reminds me of my Bourjois Primer the way it feels and makes my skin look. While this is made for more mature skin, I think that people with drier skin would benefit from trying products that are made for more mature skin. This is because they provide an extra shot of hydration to your skin, which is definitely what I want in a primer. This is like going in with a moisturiser after my actual moisturiser, and smooths on my foundation. I would recommend this if you are, like I said, someone who suffers from drier skin, because this definitely hydrates my skin. This retails for $24.95AU here on the Priceline website.

And there you have it! My current favourite primers - I love going through my box of wonders and realising what I love and don't love about the ones that I own. There are still others on my list, but I will stay strong in my resolve not to buy anymore until I clear out this box a little.

What are your favourite primers?

Until next time...


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11 Jun 2014

review & swatches: whitening lightning lip glosses

Hey guys!

Happy Hump Day! Finally at Wednesday which means I am one more day closer to being done with university for the semester, and back to making blog posts on the regular - you can only imagine how excited I am.

Because today is Hump Day, and it's the middle of the week where our brains are pretty much mush (try saying that five times fast), I thought I'd do a quick review on the Whitening Lightning Lip Glosses that I got around 2 weeks ago. I had heard so much about these glosses from nearly all my favourite Youtubers, and had always been curious to try them. Once Jaclyn Hill announced that she had collaborated with Color Your Smile to create her own gloss and that she had a set available to purchase on the Whitening Lightning website that consisted of her favourite glosses from the brand, I jumped on it. Not literally, but you get the idea.

Honestly guys, this set is a fantastic deal. The glosses themselves retail for $38US each when at full price. For the set of four glosses, it was $59US, plus a 25% off discount code. With international shipping, I paid $52US. Such a great way to try four at once for less than the price of two. The glosses themselves are amazing. I love how they are non-sticky, opaque and pigmented they are despite being a lipgloss. Plus, they have a handy mirror on the side for you to apply it with. Did I mention they also smell amazing? Because they do!

The Jaclyn Hill Bouquet came with the glosses Nude, Coral Craze, Pink Tiara and Rosehill. Here are some lip swatches and a mini review of each colour:


My clear favourite of the bunch - this literally goes with any lip colour. It just amplifies what you're wearing and looks stunning even by itself. In the tube, it does look quite beige/brown but on the lips it transforms into this shade above. This has been a staple for me since I got it (even making an advanced appearance in my May Favourites), and I can't see that ending any time soon.

Coral Craze

This is a gorgeous pastel orange shade, and it is Summer in a lipgloss tube. I haven't worn this one yet, but I can see this over an orange lipstick or even just on its own in the warmer months. I was honestly intrigued by this after watching Nicole Guerriero and Casey Holmes use it in their videos. It's just so pretty, but unfortunately it doesn't exactly go with my Winter wardrobe.

Pink Tiara

A soft baby pink shade - this is the perfect princess colour. Again, I'd say its more suited to the warmed months, but still so pretty nonetheless. I can see this over MAC's Snob for the perfect Barbie lip.


And the lipgloss that started this all - Jaclyn Hill's very own concoction! This is a gorgeous rose shade that is quite close to my own lip colour, but a little more red. It's like the Nude shade - very easy to wear and goes with nearly everything. My favourite way to wear this is to actually mix it with the Nude shade to tone it down a little. This is just very natural shade to wear.

All in all, do you need these glosses? I say, with this deal, its definitely worth a try! Considering you are getting FOUR lipglosses for less than the price of two, plus the incredibly reasonable international shipping price. I am typically not a lip gloss person (#longhairproblems), but I am loving these despite that. The only other lip glosses I really like are the NYX Butter Glosses, and these are even better.

You can find the Jaclyn Hill Bouquet here . I'm not sure if it is a limited edition bundle or not - if you're hesitant about trying them, you may want to decide quicksmart!

Have you tried these glosses? Are you as impressed as I am?

Until next time...


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10 Jun 2014

winter beauty essentials!

Hey guys!

It's finally the first day of Winter here in Australia - and while we don't get anywhere near as cold as other countries, anything below 20C will have us scrambling. To help get us Aussies through Winter, I've decided to do a two part Winter series - one dedicated to beauty essentials and the other for skincare.

Winter is awesome - we throw away all our warm baby pinks and corals and embrace the plums, berries and purples. We ditch our deep tans in favour of paler skin (most of us anyway) and bust out our ugg boots, cardigans and jackets. Personally, I like the cooler weather. I'm definitely a homebody, I love wearing my hoodies and Winnie the Pooh slippers, and snuggling up with a good movie. As well, living in Australia, during Summer it is (the majority of the time) unbearably hot so its definitely nice to have a break from it.

When I think of Winter, I imagine darker shades of everything - my eyes, blush, lips, clothes, you name it! My favourite look for this season is just a gorgeous brown neutral eye, full coverage foundation, plum blush and berry lips. Just perfect!

All the products I'm going to show you in this post are definitely the essentials on my Winter beauty rotation. Keep reading to find out what they are!


For Winter, I want my skin to look flawless. I do have redness in my skin that I need to tone down, which my ELF Mineral Face Primer in Green is perfect for, because it neutralizes my skin tone and redness. The other way I want my skin to look is completely moisturised and blended. My skin does tend to dry out a lot more in Winter than in Summer, so I really want to keep my skin free of dry patches. I've found that the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer is so fantastic for this. Yes, it is probably more suited at mature skin, but honestly skincare and beauty items made for more mature skin is perfect for those with drier skin. This just completely hydrates my face, almost acting as a second moisturiser before I go in with my foundation.

Foundation & Concealer

For my base, as I said before, I want my skin to look completely flawless. Having full coverage foundation and concealer is something that will really help conceal any blemishes or dry spots that become more prominent for me in the Winter months. Of course, my two huge favourite foundations for full coverage is the L'Oreal True Match foundation and Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundation. I've recently discovered the Max Factor Face Finity 3 IN 1 Foundation, which is a long lasting, full coverage foundation - but a full review of that will be on my blog in the near future.. 

For concealer, if I want something to cover any horrendous dark circles I may have, MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear concealer is the bomb! My other favourite concealer at the moment is my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in the Brightener shade. It really makes you look more awake, even though you've probably woken up only a couple of minutes before putting in your face.

Bronzer & Blush

For Winter, I don't think its as necessary to have my normal sun kissed bronzed glow that I love in the warmer months. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is amazing for just adding a bit of colour, or a slight contour, because it's such a light bronzing powder. I do love this in Summer as well, but honestly this is just the perfect light powder just to add shape and colour in Winter, and I'll definitely be turning to it.

For blush, I'm loving the trend of having a gorgeous deep flushed look on the cheeks. The colder weather has a tendency to make my cheeks quite flushed naturally from being cold, and unlike summer where I would rather cover it up, this Winter I really want to embrace it. My favourite shade for this is theBalm Instain Blush in Pinstripe which is a beautiful plum colour. I barely put any on because it is hugely pigmented and I still want it to look somewhat natural, and this blush will stay put all day. Definitely my go to blush this season.

Lip Balm

Of course I had to mention my lip balms - I'm a lip balm FANATIC and they are definitely a must during this season. Who wants to walk around with dry or cracked lips showing through your lipstick? Definitely not me, that's for sure. Of course, Chapstick is my favourite brand for lip balms at the moment, and the Night Repair is amazing for my lips at night. For day, the Cake Batter flavour is my all time favourite, and it'll finally be available to buy here in Australia towards the end of June!

The other type of lip balm which is perfect for Winter is tinted lip balms! These are fantastic for on the go, because not only do they moisturise your lips but they also give you a gorgeous wash of colour without having to worry about putting on another lip colour over top. I mentioned all three of there in my May Favourites, but the Covergirl Smoochie in Luv U, and the Benefit Lip Balms in Lollibalm and Posiebalm are my favourites. I switch between them really quite frequently.


For Winter, I love the embracing the darker colours more so than ever before. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nudist is perfect for an everyday lip because its a gorgeous natural rose colour that isn't too bold or too understated. I've also been loving the Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss in Rosehill, which is another natural rose colour (a review of these glosses is coming soon as well!). For the more darker colours, the Revlon Matte Balms in Sultry and Shameless are great long lasting lip colours and they're definitely on the trend for darker roses and purples this season. Another great lip cult favourite that comes up every Winter is MAC's Rebel lipstick, which is a berry shade. Perfect for the colder months!

Nail Polish

My two favourite nail trends for winter - deep reds and neutral nudes. Essie's Wicked is an amazing deep berry red and Face of Australia's Bombshell is a gorgeous neutral beige nude, plus its super affordable, and such good quality for the price!


I don't know about you guys, but in Winter I love wearing stronger scents. I prefer to leave my Marc Jacobs, and favourite Rihanna scents for Summer, and bust out one of my favourite scents Alien by Theirry Mugler, which is certainly a stronger scent. I'm not great at describing scents, so I apologise, but believe me when I say Alien is the perfect scent for Winter!

That's it for today's post! These are all my beauty essentials for Winter, and I definitely want to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace these trends. What are some of your beauty essentials?

Keep an eye out for next week when I let you all know what my skincare essentials are for Winter!

Until next time...


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*Some products mentioned were gifted to me, but that it no way influences my opinion of it per my Disclaimer 

6 Jun 2014

review: younique 3D mascara

Hey guys!

Today's review may be a little controversial - I know a lot of us beauty bloggers have grown to dislike this brand because of the amount of sellers that bombard us on our Instagrams, emails and blog posts.  I'll admit, I'm guilty of getting extremely frustrated with certain sellers who constantly comment on my posts asking me to buy their products - even tagging my followers answering questions about products that aren't even featured on my page.

However, I had one independent named Dana who had never tried to gain unwanted attention from me asking if I wanted to try the mascara. Of course, I was curious about the product. So, I said yes, in hopes that I could try the mascara and write this post. Because, even though the sellers may be relentless and annoying at times, this may be a gem of a product hidden behind all that commotion. Think of it kind of Lime Crime lipsticks: Doe Deere herself isn't exactly the greatest selling point for her brand, and turns alot of people off by doing what she does. But the lipsticks themselves aren't bad! And we should give this mascara a chance to speak for itself, shouldn't we?

To do this review, I put my feelings about certain representatives of Younique aside to honestly find if I liked this mascara for itself. I've spoken about my love of fibre lash mascaras before (because I don't like false lashes), so this definitely seems up my alley. Although this was sent to me to try, I need to stress that this is 100% my honest opinion and absolutely unbiased.

Read on to see an overview of the product, a demo of the mascara and my final thoughts!

The mascara is in two tubes - one is the 'Transplanting Gel', which seems to be a mascara type product, and the other smaller tube holds the fibre lashes. Basically, you are supposed to use another mascara of your choosing, then go over it with the Transplanting Gel. Once you do that, you then coat your lashes in the fibres and then go back over with the Transplanting Gel to seal in the product and prevent those pesky fibres from moving from your lashes. I'm not 100% sure if Younique recommends to repeat the process or not, but I don't see why not.

The Transplanting Gel mascara, and a close up of the brush.

This basically looks like a typical mascara wand - a bristle type wand with a black mascara formula. The difference with this is that, once you apply another mascara underneath, you run this over the top to act as a tacky surface for the fibres to hold onto. Going over it after you have placed the fibres over top is supposed to seal the fibres in so that they stay fabulous on your lashes, and don't get stuck in your eyes or go all over your face.

The Fibre Lash mascara, with a close up on the brush.

I know the photo looks out of focus - it's not, trust me. You can definitely see the fibres on there in all their fluffy goodness! I have to say this part of the mascara definitely surprised me - if you've used other fibre lash mascaras, such as the Model Co one or Too Faced Better Than False Lashes,  you'll know that the fibres that come with those mascaras are not only white, but that they also come on an actual mascara wand. Sort of like the Transplanting Gel wand, but a bit smaller.

This is not a wand so much as a little stick. All the fibres are woven around it sort of like candy floss. The other thing is that these fibres are BLACK! I actually love that about this mascara, you don't have to work nearly as hard to conceal those fibres as you do with the other fibre lash mascaras I mentioned above.

Here is a demo of the mascara - these pictures are from my first time trying it:

In the first photo, I only have the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara on my lashes. In the bottom photo, I have only the Rimmel mascara on the left, and the Rimmel mascara plus the Younique mascara. You can see that my lashes on the right are definitely more full, volumised and dramatic when compared to the lashes on the left.

So what do I think?

I'm actually really really impressed with this mascara. I am someone who loves the clumpy-but-not-too-clumpy mascara look, because I have long lashes that can get really spidery really quickly - another reason I love fibre lash mascaras. Considering I expected to not really like it after seeing other before and afters, I am pleasantly surprised.

I think the trick with this mascara is to use a lengethening mascara (like the Rimmel one I used) underneath before going in with the Younique mascara. The Younique masara gives amazing volume so I would say that a volumising mascara underneath isn't necessary. In terms of buildablity, I would only repeat the process twice, otherwise your lashes will be extremely clumpy. Thats just my personal preference though - if you are someone who loves that look, layer it upon layer girl!

The only thing I'm not 100% sold on is the price of this mascara. This retails for $29US each which is a little steep for a mascara that isn't really high end nor drugstore. But, in saying that, you do get the two mascaras in one that are a decent size each and it seems like it will last forvever. Another thing is that the mascara does not dry out my lashes, or pull them off when I try to remove it. So it's really up to personal preference as to whether you would purchase it for yourself or not.

This has just been released to the Australian market, and is available to buy from independent representatives. Thank you so much to the lovely Dana for sending this to me to try out! I definitely think its worth a try if you're a lover of fibre lash mascaras like me, and you can find the products here at her website Dazzling Lashes and Beyond ! You can also find her here on her Instagram.

Thanks for reading guys! I know everyone is going to have a different opinion on this mascara - and it's really down to your own personal preference as to whether you want to try it for yourself or not :)

Until next time...


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*This product was gifted to me, but that it no way influences my opinion of it per my Disclaimer