30 Jun 2014

june beauty favourites

Hey guys!

June is finally at an end, and you know what that means - it's time to share my favourites of the month with you all! June was such a busy month for me - between finishing off uni assignments and exams, going back to work full time while on holidays and having all sorts of ups and downs, I've barely had time to wear makeup most days! However, I have rediscovered one product, stayed in with some current favourites and of course, fell in love with some newer products.

You know the drill - I will break this down into two categories and give you guys mini reviews of each product featured! Read on to see what I have been loving for June.


1. Models Prefer Liquid Light Brightening Primer
I spoke about this primer in My Current Favourite Primers post, and I have used this almost every time I've worn makeup this month! I just love how easy this is to use - its a creamy formula with subtle gold shimmers throughout. Once applied, it has this lovely cooling effect on my skin and it just subtley brightens up my complexion without looking like a disco ball. You can find this here on the Priceline website for $16.99AU.

2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation
This was featured in my May Favourites post, and also here where I have a full review on it. I won't harp on - I love this foundation, its amazing and when I have tan it matches me perfectly. I just really enjoy it, and I'm dreading the fact that I may run out of it sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how much this retails for in Australia (I'm going to guess and say the $50-60 range) but you can find it here on the Benefit website (yes, it ships internationally!) for $36US.

3. Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder 
My rediscovered love.. I actually always had this in my makeup bag for touch ups, though I rarely used it. But lately my foundation has been rubbing off my nose and chin badly - so bad that those areas are basically white and the rest of my face is my foundation colour. Now, I set those areas with this powder to give me a little extra coverage, plus it does help them last a little longer as well. I love how flawless this makes my skin look, not cakey whatsoever! The only thing that sucks about this powder is it's colour range - luckily, Deep Natural fits my skin tone exactly! You can find this here on the Priceline website for $11.40AU.

4. MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodites Shell
Eeeeek, I waited so long for this collection to come out! I was so in love with the packaging, plus the fact that the product inside was a plus in itself.. I was a mermaid in a former life, so of course I was going to buy it. This bronzer is just such a gorgeous colour - a beautiful golden brown colour that has just the right amount of pigment that it doesn't look muddy. Just a beautiful bronzed glow. Plus, this can be used dry and wet! How cool! This is the first extra dimension anything that I've owned from MAC, but I love it. I'm not sure if this is still available in stores at MAC, but its been sold out online since it came out.

5. Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara
Oh lawdy, this mascara has been my jam all month! I've actually had to physically force myself to swap it out of my everyday products to give others a chance. I won't say too much, as this will be featured in another blog post this week, but I fricken love it and I will 100% repurchase! You can find this here on the Priceline website for $14.95AU.

6. Benefit Benebalm Hydrating Lip Balm
Again, LOVING all these balms. I mentioned Posiebalm and Lollibalm in my May Favourites and this is my latest addition to that collection. This is just the most natural rose lip colour, and it just goes with everything! Super easy to just slick on so it looks like MLBB. These haven't been released in Australia yet (they will be in August) but they are available here on the Benefit website for $18US.


7. BioElixia Multi Action Eye Serum
I mentioned this in my Winter Skincare Essentials post, and you guys, I am so impressed with it. It is so hydrating under my eyes, and it sinks in almost immediately into my eye area. I just love how easy it is to use - I've even taking it to placing a little on my nose area and the sides of my lips because those are my dreaded dry areas in Winter, and it works perfectly. You can find this here on the BioElixia website for $39.95AU or you can also find it in store at Myer and David Jones in Australia.

8. Stefan EcoCoco Tan
OMG I am so glad this tan paved its way into my life. This is a cream that develops on your skin, and its infused with coconut oil so it doubles as a body moisturiser as well! I won't lie, the first time I actually used it I thought that it wasn't going to work - and boy was I wrong! This develops into this gorgeous golden colour, and if you put a second coat on it never looks orange - it just enchances that glow. Plus, it smells exactly like coconut, no fake tan smell here. So impressed with this, and I definitely want to try more from this range! You can find this here on the Ecococo for $29.95AU

And that's it for my June favourites! What were some of your staples this month?

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