4 Jun 2014

collective beauty wishlist #1

Hey guys!

I have been crushing on so many products this year! Everytime something gets released, my pupils dilate and I get all excited.. But, as an almost fully fledged adult, I have expenses that unfortunately come before my make up addiction. And, before you ask, yes it is incredibly difficult to hold back but sometimes you just have to keep your hands glued to your sides and your money safely in your bank account. Hiding your debit card doesn't go astray either..

As a result, I am left admiring all of these gorgeous things from afar. But one day, maybe in the immediate future but unlikely, I will own each and every one of these products! I thought that I would share them with you the products that would be on their way to me right now if I had a bottomless bank account. I know all of us go through these stages where we cannot buy the makeup, but looking is harmless.. Isn't it?

1. Too Faced Melted Lipsticks
Obsessed. Need. Want. Now. Honestly, these would probably be on their way to me right now, even if I had to scrape together some coins, but I am desperately in love with the newer shades released in the US (Melted Fig and Melted Berry have my heart), and I'm waiting for those to become available before I go ahead and spend the money. These are just gorgeous products, and seeing as Too Faced is almost on par with most Australian drugstore products in terms of price, I can justify spending the $25-30 these will eventually cost me.

2. Benefit Hervana Blush
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may already know thay I am not a blush person. In the slightest. It's very rare for me to fall for a blush, and honestly, I don't even use it in my daily routine. I typically save for if I'm going somewhere nice and wearing a full coverage foundation. But everytime I have seen this swatched, I want it more and more! It is just this beautiful pale pink that isn't hugely pigmented - basically everything I look for in a blush.

3. Benefit Balms in Benebalm and ChaChabalm
I already own Lollibalm and Posiebalm, and my gosh - after trying those I need the other two. Sure, it is expensive for a lip balm, I wil give you that. But they are just this gorgeous wash of colour on my lips that are so so so moisturising and creamy that I can't help feeling the pull towards the whole set.

4. YSL Touche Eclat Foundation
Another foundation that I have wanted FOREVER! Ever since watching Jaclyn Hill put this on her face and seeing the finish and the coverage and the packaging - it's just a foundation that is on my Beauty Bucket List. It's just so expensive in Australia, so if I ever buy this, it will be ordered in the US. I want it, but that doesn't mean I can justify the Australian price. Priorities, right?

5. Mary-Kate & Ashley Elizabeth James Nirvana Perfume
One word - packaging. If you don't feel the need to own this perfume upon seeing that bottle.. You may not be as addicted to packaging as I am. Which isn't a bad thing. Nevertheless, I have heard that both of these are beautiful scents (in particular the white bottle), but really the packaging has already sold me. It can't be that pretty if the scent inside isn't as lovely as the outside. Plus, I love Mary-Kate and Ashley. Who doesn't?

6. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks
Did you read my May Favourites? Because this made it in there. I own one in the shade Nudist and lord above all, it is a PERFECT shade of rose and nude and all things MLBB. Seriously, j'adore. I want to own the whole collection, but at $24 a pop, I can't justify buying them unless I seriously love them like Nudist. They are on ASOS for $17.95 and free shipping - maybe one day..

7. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush
Again, I'm not a blush person. But I love the look of these! Plus, seeing them swatched and knowing that I can focus on one sliver of colour or swirl them all together is definitely intriguing. Plus, how cute would these look in my make up drawer? So cute, I can't even stand it. Such a sucker for packaging, but I'm also a sucker for anything Too Faced..

8. Benefit Lollitint
I was so close to buying this, but I was mainly purchasing it because I wanted to use it on my lips. The makeup gods overheard me and made Lollibalm, so I waited for that release and put this one on the backburner. Now that I have tried the balm, and seen the colour, I definitely want this! The fact that it stains your lips, cheeks and whatever else you put it on, is another huge plus. And, again, it's super cute. Win, win!

9. It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette
This is the only palette I feel is needed to complete my eyeshadow collection. Honestly, eyeshadow isn't a part of my daily routine and of all products in my makeup collection eyeshadow isn't a huge part of it. But. I fell in love whem I first saw this, and found it online in Australia for a super reasonable price, so this is on the immediate list!

10. YSL Baby Doll Mascara
I'm a mascara fiend, and I have always wanted to try this baby! But, it's severly overpriced here in Australia, and I can't justify the price here. But it's definitely on the list for if I ever go to the US.

11. Conair Body Benefits LED Mirror
This is on my wishlist, but I'm very close to actually having this! It's incredibly well priced, and even if it's not the grestest mirror it's actually cheaper than lot of the mirrors without LED lighting. Plus, it has the three different angles which is definitely an added benefit!

12. TheBalm Time Balm Primer
I'm always intrigued by primers - especially if they promise a flawless face! TheBalm is definitely an upcoming brand for me - I've recently expanded my collection, and I'm planning a post all about them that will be uploaded in the coming weeks. But getting those products has opened my eyes to the world of TheBalm - I never realised the amount of products and goodness they had to offer! 

13. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick
Theres a few YSL products on this wishlist, and for good reason - their products are just so beautiful and amazing! I already own #1 and #7 and adore those, and I've always wanted to expand that collection. But alas, their products are way overpriced here so it will be waiting for if I ever go to the US or if anyone wants to buy me one as a present. Hint hint.

14. TheBalm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturiser
This is actually a newer addition to my wishlist after seeing two of my favourite Youtubers Jen from FromHeadToToe and Kathleen for KathleenLights use this and love it. I'm always on the lookout for new face products (I'm a self confessed foundation junkie - not sorry at all!) to try out amd review for you guys and one day I'll hopefully purchase this to show you guys what its like!

15. It Cosmetics Feel The Moment Ultra Hydrating Primer
As I said before, I love trying out primers, and my favourite one to test are those that are going to hydrate my skin. I have normal skin that leans a little dry, and I love the way my skin feels when its super hydrated. The Australian site that sells It Cosmetics doesn't have this in yet - hopefully it'll be there soon and is affordable so I can introduce this into my collection as well!

16. Josie Maran Argan Oil Lip Treatment
This bottle is cute! Like a teeny tiny genie bottle - so adorable. I use argan oil in my hair, which has improved it an unbelieveable amount, and it has an amazing effect on skin as well.. So I can only imagine what good this could do for my lips. Josie Maran products aren't available in Australia as far as I'm aware, but hopefully one day they will be and I can get this teeny little pot of goodness!

And that's it for my wishlist. I have so many other things that I have to have 'right now' but these are definitely on my immediate list. What are some of the products that are on your wishlists?

Until next time...


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  1. oohhh i love everything in this wishlist!!!!! do you know where to buy the elizabeth and james perfume coz thats been on my wishlist since it came out and i cant find it online =(