11 Jun 2014

review & swatches: whitening lightning lip glosses

Hey guys!

Happy Hump Day! Finally at Wednesday which means I am one more day closer to being done with university for the semester, and back to making blog posts on the regular - you can only imagine how excited I am.

Because today is Hump Day, and it's the middle of the week where our brains are pretty much mush (try saying that five times fast), I thought I'd do a quick review on the Whitening Lightning Lip Glosses that I got around 2 weeks ago. I had heard so much about these glosses from nearly all my favourite Youtubers, and had always been curious to try them. Once Jaclyn Hill announced that she had collaborated with Color Your Smile to create her own gloss and that she had a set available to purchase on the Whitening Lightning website that consisted of her favourite glosses from the brand, I jumped on it. Not literally, but you get the idea.

Honestly guys, this set is a fantastic deal. The glosses themselves retail for $38US each when at full price. For the set of four glosses, it was $59US, plus a 25% off discount code. With international shipping, I paid $52US. Such a great way to try four at once for less than the price of two. The glosses themselves are amazing. I love how they are non-sticky, opaque and pigmented they are despite being a lipgloss. Plus, they have a handy mirror on the side for you to apply it with. Did I mention they also smell amazing? Because they do!

The Jaclyn Hill Bouquet came with the glosses Nude, Coral Craze, Pink Tiara and Rosehill. Here are some lip swatches and a mini review of each colour:


My clear favourite of the bunch - this literally goes with any lip colour. It just amplifies what you're wearing and looks stunning even by itself. In the tube, it does look quite beige/brown but on the lips it transforms into this shade above. This has been a staple for me since I got it (even making an advanced appearance in my May Favourites), and I can't see that ending any time soon.

Coral Craze

This is a gorgeous pastel orange shade, and it is Summer in a lipgloss tube. I haven't worn this one yet, but I can see this over an orange lipstick or even just on its own in the warmer months. I was honestly intrigued by this after watching Nicole Guerriero and Casey Holmes use it in their videos. It's just so pretty, but unfortunately it doesn't exactly go with my Winter wardrobe.

Pink Tiara

A soft baby pink shade - this is the perfect princess colour. Again, I'd say its more suited to the warmed months, but still so pretty nonetheless. I can see this over MAC's Snob for the perfect Barbie lip.


And the lipgloss that started this all - Jaclyn Hill's very own concoction! This is a gorgeous rose shade that is quite close to my own lip colour, but a little more red. It's like the Nude shade - very easy to wear and goes with nearly everything. My favourite way to wear this is to actually mix it with the Nude shade to tone it down a little. This is just very natural shade to wear.

All in all, do you need these glosses? I say, with this deal, its definitely worth a try! Considering you are getting FOUR lipglosses for less than the price of two, plus the incredibly reasonable international shipping price. I am typically not a lip gloss person (#longhairproblems), but I am loving these despite that. The only other lip glosses I really like are the NYX Butter Glosses, and these are even better.

You can find the Jaclyn Hill Bouquet here . I'm not sure if it is a limited edition bundle or not - if you're hesitant about trying them, you may want to decide quicksmart!

Have you tried these glosses? Are you as impressed as I am?

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  1. okaaaay, nude is gorgeous!


  2. Oh my goodness I am excited. I ordered a heap of Whitening Lightning products nearly 2 weeks ago and I got all these lip glosses. I cannot wait. They all look beautiful :)


    1. Can I ask how long it took for your Whitening Lightning order to get to you? Im still waiting on mine and getting quite impatient haha :) Thanks!

  3. Did you end up paying any duties/taxes?

  4. These shades are gorgeous. The last shade looks stunning against your skin tone!

  5. Where did you buy it in Australia?

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