13 Mar 2014

haul: priceline 40% off cosmetics!

Hey guys!

I have never done a haul post on my blog before. Can you believe that? I usually buy a lot of makeup, but it's always spread out over a period of time, so I don't even think to combine it all together. Luckily for me, but unlucky for my bank account, Priceline decided to hold one of their 40% off cosmetic sales! For non-Australians, Priceline is basically the main mecca for drugstore cosmetics here. They sell all the main drugstore cosmetic and skincare brands, and 3-4 times a year, they will hold a 40% off cosmetics and 40% off skincare. I'll let you imagine how crazy all the beauty junkies go when these sales come on.

I didn't go crazy (well, my definition of crazy), mostly because I am waiting on packages from online shopping, and (just my luck) my phones LED screen decided to break the day before, forcing me spend over $200 to replace it. But, luckily there wasn't too much on my list in the first place as I tend to shop on impulse anyway. But, I did get a good deal of things that I had wanted to try for a while!

In this post, I'm going to basically go through all the things I brought and give my thoughts on them! Obviously, these were brought this week so I haven't had time to try all of the products to give a detailed review. This will just be a quick first impression of each product.

The first thing I made a beeline for were these Revlon Photoready Skinlights. I heard that these used to be a popular item, but were discontinued in 2006 and then re-released under this name late last year. I have always been super intrigued by them because I love my skin to be all glowing and dewy, and that's what these are designed for. But they retail for $29.95AU, and I can't justify paying that price when I have similar things from e.l.f. that basically do the same thing and cost $3AU. But the 40% sale got them down to $17.95AU, so I brought 100 Bare Light and 200 Pink Light. I have used Bare Light once to mix with my foundation, and loved the effect it had. High hopes for these babies!

Swatches (l-r) - 100 Bare Light & 200 Pink Light

The next thing on my list was this Innoxa Skin Perfecting Bronzing BB Cream. I have never actually tried anything from the brand, and after seeing Lauren Curtis post a photo of it on her Instagram saying she uses it when she tans, I was curious. I am someone who is quite sceptical of Westernised BB creams and generally sticks to those from Korean brands, but I was intrigued by the bronzing effect this is supposed to have. This normally retails for $24.95AU, and the sale brought it down to $14.95AU (wooo!). I got this in the lighter shade, but I can't actually find a shade name on the tube. When swatching this, I am a little worried that it may be too dark. Also, it is super sparkly, really glittery which I can see is good for those who want to look radiant and glowing, but this may even be a little much for me. But, I'll give it a go and let you know my thoughts.

Swatch of the Innoxa Skin Perfecting Bronzing BB Cream

Swatch blended out. The colour is darker in person, and the sparkles aren't translating to the photo either.

I was super excited to buy this! Having had a love affair with Bourjois face products over the last month, this was on my immediate list to buy even before I knew about the sale. I initially went in first to by the 123 Perfect CC Cream, and went back the next day for the 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream. These are initially $25AU and $22AU respectively, but I paid $15AU for the CC cream and around $12AU for the CC eye cream. I got the shade 32 Light Beige in the CC cream, and have used it once. I really like it so far, its super moisturizing and I find it does cancel out my redness and overall discolouration on my face. I haven't had a chance to use the CC Eye Cream, but I brought it in the shade Ivory. I think this is supposed to be a colour correcting concealer rather than an eye cream, so the name is a little misleading. But besides that, I am excited to try it out!

Top photo - Swatches (l-r) Bourjois CC Cream & Bourjois CC Eye Cream
Bottom photo - Swatches blended out

I've been after these babies for a while, scouring New York drugstores to find them but I was unsuccessful. Also, did you know Australia only has eight of the colour selection available to the US market? Because I didn't... Grrr. But, I did manage to get my hands on the only colour I really wanted, the L'Oreal Colour Infallible Pressed Pigment in Hour Glass Beige. This colour is so beautiful! It's a champagne beige highlight colour, and I can imagine it to be really good for the inner corner, maybe even for the high points of the cheekbones. When I swatched it, it went on like butter which is so different to other pigments I have owned in the past. Definitely have to get a shipping service to ship the other colours to me, I'm in love. This retails for $19.95AU, and I got it for $11.95AU.

Swatch of the L'Oreal Infallible Pressed Pigment in Hourglass Beige

I have a confession to make: I am in an exclusive relationship with Essie nail polishes. Essie is pretty much one of the only brands of nail polish I will wear on my nails, I adore every single colour and I'm on my way to having all the colours available. But, these retail for about $20AU in Myer, and $16.95AU in Priceline. These usually leads me to making a big order on eBay for the colours I want, but not this time. With the sale, these polishes came down to $10.15AU, which isn't unreasonable. I got Big Spender (left), which is a pink-purple shade with no shimmer, and I meant to get Angora Cardi, but only realised this morning that it is actually Bahama Mama (right), which looks to be a berry red type colour. 

The last things I purchased were some Model's Prefer brushes. I have actually never brought anything by this brand, but I was on the lookout for new brushes and these were the only ones included in the 40% off sale. Usually, these retail for $12-19AU, and I paid about $8-9AU for each of these. The brushes I got (from bottom up) are the Airbrush Contour Brush, Airbrush Concealer Brush, Crease Brush and the Flat Eyeliner brush.

And that's it for today's haul! Was there anything you saw that you would like a more in depth review on? Also, would you like me to do more haul posts?

Until next time...



  1. I love Models Prefer brushes they are actually pretty good! I use the airbrush ones as my "work makeup applier" Beauty Blender or Napolien Brush roll mostley but for a bag carry around i love the foundation and concealer airbrushes!

    1. I think they are now too! Now I wish I had taken advantage of them during the sale dammmm!

  2. I was introduced to Essie a couple of weeks ago and even though we're not exclusive just yet, I have high hopes for this relationship, too ;D

    1. I guarantee it won't be long til you are in monogamous relationship ;)

  3. Love this haul!! I missed out on a great sale :( You have to let me know how the Models Prefer brushes are. Do you think they are worth the spend? Loving that Airbrush concealer brush especially :)

    1. I've only used the Airbrush Concealer brush once, and it worked pretty well! I brought it cause it reminded me of the Real Techniques one everyone uses to blend their concealer :) I actually had a Sigma brush delivery on the same day I posted this, and I've been using them over the Models Prefer.. But will for sure be using them more!

  4. Woah 40% off is such a good bargain! I really want to try the revlon skinlights since my skin is looking rather dull!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I've been loving Bare Light to mix in with my foundation, and it just gives such a nice glow that isn't too noticeable! Definitely should give it a try xxx

  5. that's so good you almost got half price off! love those Essie nail colours X


    1. I'm wearing Big Spender ATM and getting so many compliments! Great nail polishes :)