18 Mar 2014

rave review: hurraw! lip balms

Hey guys!

I'm going to start this post by saying I rarely post a review on a brand or product without researching them  thoroughly and trialling their products for an appropriate amount of time (unless it's a first impression). But these arrived on my doorstop yesterday, and not only am I seriously impressed with the product, but to say I'm impressed with the brand itself is the understatement of the century!

Of course, I heard about the Hurraw! Lip Balms through Youtuber Shaaanxo, and decided that I would order some to try out. I adore lip balms, and I've been basically married to my Nivea Lip Butter since last July, so I figured it was time for a change. I ordered six balms (don't judge me, I go through lip balms like water) off the Hurraw! Balm website, with the prices ranging between $4.29-3.79US. The next day, I was sent a shipping notification, which is normal. Usually, packages from the US take 2+ weeks to arrive in Australia, regardless of how quick they are shipped. So, I expected to get them 3-4 weeks after they had sent them. So imagine my surprise when they show up yesterday, completely WITHIN the two week bracket.

These were all the items that were included in a completely sealed, travel friendly box sleeve. You can see the balms are completely protected within the brown paper wrapping! With them, I received a personalised postcard, a leaflet about Hurraw! and their brand, as well as two little mini bags, with their logo on them. Oh, and imagine my sheer delight when I opened the lip balm packaging and saw a seventh lip balm completely free of charge.

Close ups of the bags and the personalised postcard! How cute are those bags!

This is the information that is on the leaflet about Hurraw! and their balms:

"Hurraw! started with pure intent; aspiring to create the perfect lip balm.
Certified vegan! Highest quality raw ingredients! Handcrafted in small batches! Premium fresh pressed oils! Certified organic ingredients! No preservatives! Non-toxic! Gluten free! Natural flavours & colours! Oval tube fits perfectly in your pocket!"

I love that these are vegan and organic balms - you can rest assured that they are 100% good for your lips, as they don't contain any ingredients that are going to harm them. It really does impress me that they include these things in with your parcel. This demonstrates that they really care about their customers, and having them know how much time, effort and trouble that has gone into these making these.

The balms I got are:

Moon Balm
Vanilla Bean
Green Tea
and Grapefruit (free!)

These guys honestly made my day. Off the top of my head, I can't even think of a brand that would include one of their products, free of charge, plus a personalised note! Talk about great customer service! I am so impressed that I am ordering more later this week, because a brand that cares this much about their customers and their views deserves my money (plus, I need more. I can't help it, it's a sickness). I highly recommend them, and not only because of their great service. They're well-priced, especially for an organic product, and the international shipping price is so reasonable. You are better off shopping there than paying $5AU+ for a sub-par lip balm on the Australian market.

As I said, I can't really give a proper, informed review of the balms themselves. It wouldn't feel right, because I have only used them a handful of times and that is not fair to write home a review of them just because I am so impressed with the brand. However, my first impressions of them is that they go on really smoothly, and I can feel how moisturising they are! And they smell amazing. Seriously. They smell sososo good, and not in the processed way some lip balms smell (think Lip Smackers - no hate, but they really do smell sugary). These really smell natural and exactly like their proclaimed flavour. I don't notice a taste, but that could change with different flavours. Plus, the oval shape of the balm makes it really easy to apply onto your lips. If you would like to see a follow up review of the balms themselves, please let me know!

The only thing I regret is not ordering more with this round! I'm desperate to try the Earl Grey and Pitta Balms, but that just means I'll have to order more ;)

Overall - visit their website www.hurrawbalm.com and have a look around. They have so many great flavours to choose from, plus lip treatments as well. And, if you are feeling so inclined, make an order. I promise you this is one purchase you really won't regret. I know I say that a lot here on this blog, but it's not just the balms that have persuaded me - it's the brand and its staff themselves.

Have you tried these lip balms? Whats your take on them? Are there any flavours that you would recommend?

Until next time babes...


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  1. You seriously make me want to buy EVERYTHING!
    Why oh why i need it all in my life!
    They seem good enough to eat, not even going to lie!

    1. Dude seriously, I'm making another order on Thursday (after I'm paid), tell me what you want and I'll get it for you! May as well combine all the shipping we can ;) plus after using the balms, seriously I'm in love. I'm using chocolate atm and omg. I can't.

    2. I dont get paid till the follow Thursday boo, im out for a fortnight now :(
      What do you do for work? AND WHY ARE THE BEST PRODUCTS NOT IN AUSTRALIA, do you know how easy life would be if me and you could be like hey priceline oh you have everything sephora has? Thank you but no :(

    3. Aw boo ;( I'll let you know if I forget and we can do it later! I understand that though, getting paid fortnightly is the biggest pain! I work in retail basically - looking for a new job though because I hate my job and my manager makes life reaaaaally difficult for me. Wbu? Lucky girl working in the city ;) AND I KNOW! I went to Milan in 2012 and literally went to Sephora and was like.. WHERE IS THIS MAGIC IN AUSTRALIA?? Seriously, even if MECCA had everything and was priced the same as the US as well. They make life so hard for us!

    4. Totes boo! Oh i feel you i feel you about the manager. Like why people are so evil i will never understand!!! I do finance & insurance of course. I want to get into beauty of fashion head office, a magazine, or something but its sooooo hard! Oh i know mecca is so close so close but so far.. Beauty blogger petition time?

    5. Yeah, it's getting really bad. Like, I want to quit, but at the same time, I don't want to give him the satisfaction of me quitting! Yeah, I want to do an internship at a PR place that has beauty clients (Sweaty Betty is my dreeeeam), and I want a job at Kit Cosmetics or Mecca - either I'd be so happy! I think we all need to get together and have a protest or something haha.. maybe they'll even open a Sephora in Australia, OR at least offer international shipping to Australia! I'd pay it if I got to pay US prices..

    6. Oh please tell me about it Sephora would make 10 x more with the beauty bloggers in Australia alone I'm telling you i dont think one blogger would be against it! I would pay double shipping because i would by so much and it would be equivalent to one or two products here for us haha! Oh mecca is my dream! I applied for person of interest for any job so when something comes up i hope they notify me! Oh babe heaps of places want internships just keep looking! I wish i could do one, but i need money and its harder to find paid ones :(

    7. OMG I know, they should seriously consider it - because our drugstore items are the equivalent of US high end items - actually most of the time they're more. Tell me how that's fair? Seriously? And yeah I know.. I would love to get a paid one, but I will do unpaid.. I have to anyway to get my degree. But I figure if it's one day a week for three months, I could do it. It's just so difficult to go to uni full time, work part time and then adding an internship into the mix PLUS blogging consistently.. Oh girl I'm sweating just thinking about it..

    8. Hahahahah babe im sweating reading it!
      I do 5 days a week 8:30-5:30 and literally every weekend all i want to do is sleep or blog because im so tired from it, i cant imagine taking on much more but i also need too if i want get where i want to be! Hows brandbaker? I have been sitting on the fence about it for awhile?!

    9. Oh mann! I literally go to uni two days, work two days and have three days off. but in those days off I study and blog, so although I love blogging, it feels like I never have time to actually relax haha. Brand Backer looks good! It seems relatively new, but looks promising, fingers crossed! I'm thinking of signing up for Entail PR as well!

    10. Let me know how it goes, if its good ill sign up bebe!