2 Mar 2014

review: too faced lip injection color bombs

Hey guys!

Maybe you can guess what I'm about to say - I love love loveeee all lipsticks in a crayon format. In my quest to find and collect all the ones I can (this adventure is still ongoing), I was introduced to these products via Shaaanxo on Youtube. She used one of these in her 'How to Get Bigger Lips' tutorial. And that product was the Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb!

To be honest, I first fell in love with the colour of this lipstick. I am such a pink lover, and this was a beautiful, pearlescent, almost-nude pink - my favourite. But, I was also intrigued. I had obviously heard of lip plumping products, but had never owned or tried any. I don't know, I always sort of thought they were a bit of a gimmick. But watching her video, I actually saw this work, and I was sold. On the wish list it went.

I initially brought one from the US for $21USD when I went over there in November last year, but didn't actually use it until I got home. Once I used it, I was so obsessed. I wore it everywhere, and it was a staple in my make up bag. I ended up searching the net trying to find a way to get some more of the colours at a decent price. After searching far and wide, I found them online at Kit Cosmetics for $29.95AU. I personally think this is a really reasonable price for a higher end product, and if I spent over $75AU, I got free shipping as well. So I brought two more of the colours, plus something else so that I could qualify for free shipping. And then, in the Boxing Day sales, I added to my set.

These are fantastic products. They are designed to give your lips a wash of colour, and then are made to plump them so your lips look more luscious and full without the need for surgery. I can attest to the claim - these really really work. I don't have tiny, thin lips, but on the scale of one to Angelina Jolie, I'm probably around a 4. Not too small, but not big in any sense of the word. These bring my lips to probably around a 7. But, if your lips are sensitive, I need to warn you: this is probably not the lip product for you. To get these luscious lips, there is an intense tingle that does hurt a little. It hurts for about a good three minutes, and then lessens, but the overall 'tingle time' is about 10 minutes. It is not a deal breaker for me, but unfortunately, it may be for some of you.

As I said before, I own these in four colours: Not Enough Nude, Candy Burst, Coral Pop and Plump it Up Pink. The other two colours available are Bigger Berry and Eastwood Red, which didn't appeal to me as much as the others did. Below I have swatches of all the colours that I do have so that you can see the colours and the plumping effect. All photos are taken in natural light, so please note that that does wash out the intensity of the colour a little..

Swatches: (l-r) Never Enough Nude, Candy Burst, Coral Pop, Plump It Up Pink

Never Enough Nude: This is the colour that Shaaanxo used in her Youtube video, and the colour that made me fall in love with this collection. It is a beautiful, pearlescent pink that is light enough to almost be a nude. 

Candy Burst: This is a bubblegum pink shade, almost Barbie pink! 

Coral Pop: A almost neon pink coral shade. I definitely wouldn't say its a true coral shade, as it does lean more pink.

Plump It Up Pink: A true bright magenta pink (though it doesn't look like it in the photo). This is the only colour I find that leaves a stain behind.

Too Faced definitely does not disappoint with these. These all go on like butter! And I would say all except Never Enough Nude are opaque in one swipe. Their wear time isn't fantastic, probably a couple of hours at the most, and they gradually wear off throughout that time. The only small complaint I have is that they do dry my lips out a bit, but I suppose thats expected of a product that is supposed to plump your lips. Overall, I'm obsessed, they are awesome products that deserve a place in any make-up hoarders collection. And I probably will be buying the other two colours.. Because, lets face it, no set is really complete unless you have all of the shades available.

These retail for $29.95AU on www.kitcosmetics.com.au , or any Kit Cosmetics pop up store in Myer (these are the cheapest I could find them). In the US, they retail for $21USD :)

Do you own any of these? What do you think of them?

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  1. I love lip products in crayon form too, they are so easy to apply!
    And I also love it when they tingle!!
    The Beauty Break // http://beautytimebreak.blogspot.com

    1. Should definitely give them a try then!