26 May 2014

bh cosmetics forever nude palette tutorial - collab with tarliescorner ! CLOSED

Hey guys!

So today's blog post is a special edition post, especially as I have never posted on a Sunday in my blogs life! This is a super special post as it is a collaboration with my gorgeous friend Tarlie from Tarlie's Corner! We both have this palette from BH Cosmetics, and thought that we would team up to both do a look using it. Tarlie did a look that will be appropriate for day time, whereas my look is completely night time appropriate.

BH Cosmetics are known for having such great afforable products, and this palette is no exception. It's such great value for money - coming with 6 eyeshadows, a highlight shade, a blush/bronzer duo and 2 lip colours. The palette is focused around beautiful neutral shades that can be used for any time or occasion, plus really the only things you need to use outside of this palette is your foundation and mascara as you're covered for the rest of your look.

There will be a special annoucement at the end of this blog post, so if you want to know what it is, just keep reading ;)

After doing my base, I got straight into doing my eyes. As this is a night time appropriate look, I decided to do a brown smokey eye - it's super easy to achieve and really goes with any lip colour or blush colour. I used the darkest matte brown (bottom on the right) to blend into my outer corner and into my crease. I focused the majority of the colour into the outer third of my eye, and blended whatever was left on my brush into the outer half. This is because I wanted a soft gradient from light to dark on my lid.

The next step I took was to take the rose gold shade from the top right of the palette, and pat it over the inner half of my lid, blending it into the darker brown as I went. I did go over the colour a few times, patting over to get it as vibrant as I wanted. Just a tip - if the colour isn't showing up as pigmented you want, take a setting spray and spray your brush before going into the colour. That will help it to have more of a metallic sheen and be more opaque.

After this, I took a big fat blending brush from Sigma and blended the edges of the shadow. I didn't blend too harshly though - as this is a night time look, I still wanted it to look quite smokey and dark. on the outer corners. I also took the matte highlight shade from the middle of the palette, and used it on my brown bone and inner corner, as well as taking the dark brown shade and running it under my waterline. I also took the rose gold shade and put it in the inner part of my lash line.

To finish off the look, I laid on some serious winged liner (seriously, I impressed myself), and put coat after coat of mascara onto my lashes, as I don't use falsies. But, of course, if you are someone who uses false lashes then go ahead and glue 'em on!

I contoured with another bronzer, as I didn't think the bronzer shade in the palette was dark enough to act as a contour for me. After that,  mixed both of the cheek colours and used them to create a bronzy-blush combo.

I then took the nude lip colour (which is a super close dupe for NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer - just FYI), and put it on my lips to finish off the look.

And your look is complete! 

And now for the exciting part!

Tarlie and I have not only teamed up to bring you these looks - we are also hosting a giveaway of the BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette! We are giving away a palette each, so there is double the chance to win. The giveaway will take place on our Instagrams, and I will be posting a photo after this blog post goes live that you will need to repost in order to have a chance to win. Here are the rules and regulations that you must follow for the giveaway:

- Repost the photo on your Instagram, tagging both Tarlie and myself, as well as using the hashtag #btforevernudegiveaway
- You must be following both Tarlie (@tarliescorner) and myself (@beautybybek) on Instagram
- No giveaway accounts
- Account must be on public at the end of the giveaway, or unfortunately, we will not be able to view your entry
- Australia only! We apologise for any international readers/followers, but we decided this as the postage to Australia from the BH Cosmetics website is astronomical. We feel that because of this, its only fair to let two lucky Australians experience the goodness for themselves.

If the above rules aren't followed, you will unfortunately be disqualified from the giveaway ;(

The giveaway will close two weeks from today, and then all entries will be placed into random.org so that a winner is fairly picked. Just a side note as well - this giveaway is not sponsored! These palettes have been purchased by each of us, with our own hard earned money, for the purpose of this giveaway :)

This is super exciting for Tarlie and I! Good luck to all my fellow Aussies if you decide to enter! And to my international followers, please don't be disheartend - I will be holding another giveaway in the near future :)

Until next time my loves...


Other products used in this look:

ELF Mineral Primer
L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation in W3
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair
NYX Eyebrow Cake in Brunette
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light
Nars Bronzer in Laguna
RImmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner
Eyes, Blush & Lips - BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette

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  1. What a gorgeous look Bek!!! I really love the shadows you used and your eyeliner is on point! I think I need to try the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascra because your lashes look amazing!!! I thought it was falsies at first! I love your blog and Tarlie's too so I will definitely be entering! xx

    1. thanks babe! so sweet of you to say! i have to say tho, at first, I was really disappointed in the rimmel lash accelerator - i think after it dried up a bit it became so much easier to use! good luck xx

  2. This look is so gorgeous! LOVE <3

  3. This is a really pretty palette! Love everything about this look! My pretttty! xx

  4. Awesome....you are real expert in Makeup tut... :) lisha, one request it will be great if you at the end of the post mention all the product brand that you use actually m really curious to know the stuffs ..Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials

    1. Hi Sofia, all the products are mentioned at the ens of the post :)