14 May 2014

brand focus: sukin natural skincare

Hey guys!

Months upon months ago, as one of my first ever posts for my blog, I shared with you my Current Everyday Skincare Routine. It hasn't changed a whole lot since then, but I am incorporating newer products into my routine on a regular basis. One brand that is slowly but surely overtaking my skincare routine is Sukin! This an all natural, organise skincare line that is 100% Australian made. It's sold at Priceline and other selected Australian stores.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I adore this brand. Every time they are on sale at Priceline, I take advantage and pick up some new things to try. Sukin is so unbelievably affordable as well, and so completely good for you skin. Since picking up my first couple of products, I have definitely noticed my skin pick up and look better than it ever. I can only imagine what good they could do for someone who has problematic skin.

For today's post, I thought that I would give you a quick run down on each of the products that I currently own, how I use them and what they do for my skin. I use the majority of these products on a daily basis, and feel like I know how they have improved my skin over the time that I have used them. If you're on the fence about trying Sukin, this may finally help you to decide whether or not to take the plunge.

This is the product that started my love affair with Sukin products. I read in an article somewhere that Miranda Kerr uses this to make her skin more glowy and radiant - and who doesn't want skin like Miranda Kerr? I adore adore adore this oil! It's so great for an extra hit of hydration, and after letting this soak into my skin overnight, I wake up with my skin feeling so plump and nourished. Plus, my skin looks glowing and radiant! Rose Hip Oil is not only amazing for providing your skin with extra moisture, but it also helps in reducing scarring on your face. I use this at night about half an hour before going in with my eye cream and night moisturiser, and I would 100% recommend this for anyone, but especially if you have drier skin, or skin that is prone to acne scarring.

Before actually telling you what this stuff does, can I just tell you it smells amazing! So clean and fresh, with a hint of floral. This cream is so good on my skin. The fact that I have used it over and over for close to a month now, and it's still pretty much completely full, speaks for itself. It's full of antioxidants that promote the restoration of healthy skin cells, and let me tell you, this is the lightest feeling night moisturiser I have ever used. It sinks in almost immediately, and there is no greasiness which is what has turned me off other night creams in the past. But, it definitely does some heavy moisturising considering how light it feels. Again, another hugely recommended product!

I haven't used this too often so I can't speak about it too much - it will be my new replacement for my current foam cleanser once it runs out. However, the times that I have used it, my skin has felt so completely refreshed and clear. Considering this is infused with green tea, chamomile, cucumber and avocado oil, I can definitely see how this cleansing gel would work well for cooling and keeping your skin feeling refreshed!

I use this as my night eye cream, and like other moisturisers, this is so incredibly moisturising. I love how this is so light and absorbs so quickly into my eye area, and it keeps my eyes from getting any dry patchy skin. I am someone who's eyes water constantly (especially when I sleep), and before using eye creams in my daily routine, they were the place that I always got dry skin, mostly on my lids. I love this because it is made to repair the skin cells around your eye area, which is why I don't get dry skin there anymore. Love love love - I've used this for about 3 months now, and it is not even under the cap yet. Talk about value for money!

This is my new go to mask. I use it maybe 1-2 times a week, and I love how easy it is to apply! You wet your face first, and then put this mask on top for about 15 minutes, and wash it off. My skin feels so CLEAN! And I don't have big pores by any sense of the word, but I swear this reduces the ones I do have which is amazing! This is a combination of kaolin clay, aloe vera and rose hip oil, and seriously guys, this is just such great value for money. I used to be stuck on my Lush Mask of Magnaminty (which I still like), but this is slowly overtaking my use of that mask. I know this is available at Priceline (I brought mine from there), but for some reason it isn't available online. The link takes you through to another online store, so if you want to try it, you can go through to the link above or go in store to buy this baby!

That's it for today's post! It's definitely not a secret that I love Sukin, and I'll definitely be trying more of their products in the future. Do you have any recommendations for me?

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*Just a quick side note - Per my disclaimer, I alert my readers to any products that have been sent to me to try. These have all be brought with my hard earned money, and I am in no way affiliated with the brand in question*

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  1. I adore sukins moisturiser it is amazing will be buying it again for sure

  2. All these products are the best! The only one i dont use is the mask! I think ill be buying this next!

  3. These products sound amazing! I certainly hope they will be available in Britain one day!


  4. Yay! I have been using & loving Sukin for years! It's the best :)