10 Jul 2014

review: make up store multi lash mascara !

Hey guys!

Now, if you know me, you know I have a thing for mascara. I have a million (exaggeration?) tubes open right at this second, and I used to juggle between all of them depending on what lash look I was going for that day. Now that I have my everyday makeup organiser (click here for a quick overview of my makeup collection/storage), I've been trying to make a concious effort to actually stick to one mascara for an extended period. 

I wanted to introduce you to this mascara I have been loving for the past couple weeks. This was generously sent to me by Keryn from the Trish Nicole Agency, and I have never had an experience with Make Up Store products before so I was terribly excited to break into this and try it out.

So what do I think about the mascara? Read on to find out!

This is how Make Up Store describe the mascara:

"Multi Lash Mascara is the perfect mascara for creating lovely lashes. With a bristled brush, which works to apply the formula evenly and separate the lashes, the light-weight product prevents clumping."

First off, lets discuss the packaging. I love how simple and sleek this tube is! It is a virtually matte tube, with embossed lettering all over. I love how it is the perfect size to fit in my makeup bag and not take any extra space. The box it was housed in follows the same principle - simple and sleek.

As they describe, the wand is a bristle brush - my favourite! I usually find bristle wands a lot easier to work with my lashes than a plastic brush, and this was no different. You guys, I love how natural this makes my lashes look. It perfectly separates them, and gives me a touch of volume and lengthening - but not so much that it is obviously that I'm wearing mascara. I have been wearing this nearly everyday for the past two weeks, and my lashes don't feel brittle or damaged which is such a huge plus for me

Here are some pictures from me wearing the mascara:

See how gorgeous this makes my lashes look? Seriously! Saaaaaaa natural and easy! As I said, this is just the perfect mascara for easy natural lashes, and it just completes any everyday look. You can also see how my lashes are barely clumped - all are evenly separated and coated with just the right amount of mascara.

You can find this here on the Make Up Store website for $38AU

Have you tried any other products from Make Up Store? Leave your recommendations down below!

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*some products featured in this were gifted for consideration, but all opinions are honest and my own :)


  1. I absolutely love this mascara! I also found that it can be built up quite easily to create a more dramatic effect.