14 Jul 2014

tea review! body slim tea australia

Hey guys!

Strangely enough, my paycheck doesn't ALWAYS go towards expanding my makeup collection. I know, shocking right? I thought I'd give you a quick little insight into other interests in my life - because, although writing about beauty and makeup will always be my first love, its nice to sometimes have a little refresher from the norm.

If you didn't know me personally, I'm a huge tea and coffee drinker. I go through tea like its going out of fashion, and my taste has evolved from the creamy, milky English Breakfast to the herbal Green Teas and Chamomile. I recently got the chance to try this newer herbal tea called Body Slim Tea, which has a whole range of benefits, including helping to reduce bloating and possibly aiding in weight loss. I decided to do a 14 day (or actually 11 day as I ran out of the tea), and document my thoughts here. 

This company is Australia made and Australia owned! It does claim to aid with weight loss, and it also has a number of benefits that come from 100% natural and organic ingredients, including Green Tea, beal flowers, apple, licorice and curry leaves. You are supposed to drink this twice a day, once in the morning, once at night, and brew the tea for about 3-5 minutes.

Here are some the benefits that may come from this tea:

- Reduces bloating
- Calms the stomach to help with painful cramping
- Gets rid of nasty toxins that cause additional fat storage
- Speeds up metabolism
- Relieves constipation and indigestion
- Immune booster
- Suppresses sweet cravings
- Improves sleep

Do I agree with all the claims? Read below to find out!

Unfortunately, my pack only with 14 tea bags, so I wasn't able to have two cups a day in order to complete a fourteen day detox - that's okay though, it may just have altered the results a little. The first thing I loved about this tea was honestly the taste! I have tried other 'detox' and 'weight loss' teas in the past, and I have been unable to drink most of them because of the foul taste. This is quite pleasant, not unlike green tea actually.

 While this did not help me personally to lose weight, I do feel that it helped reduce any bloating that I usually experience. I definitely felt alot lighter, happier and energised during the time I was drinking it, and I feel that it kept all my bodily functions in order as well (sorry #tmi). As for the other benefits, I cannot say that I experienced them - however, that would probably change if I was to drink the tea over a prolonged period.

If you are someone who enjoys herbal teas, and is looking for something to help feel better and healthier, definitely give it a try! You can find the tea here at http://www.bodyslimteaaus.com/

Hope you enjoyed this post - it is a little different from my usual posting, but a little breath of fresh air is nice occasionally! For those after my normal beauty related content, I promise that it will resume as normal on Wednesday :)

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  1. thanks for your thoughts on this tea! i love tea too, just a much as the next tea lover! I recently just bought some english breakfast on t2, twas great!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel

  2. I've always been curious about those Detox teas, but I have always been put off because of the comments about how revolting those teas taste. To be honest... I think i'll just stick to my usual Green Tea :P

    Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

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