18 Aug 2014

clarisonic mia VS racinne lady 1 massager

Hey guys!

Today, I have a little something different for you. How many of us have been duped into buying an expensive tool or product just because of favourite beauty gurus rave about them, only to find it doesn't seem to have the same effect on you as it does on them? I know I have. Sometimes, to justify that I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on something that really isn't working for me, I somehow trick my mind into thinking its working. I can't be the only one - I really hope I'm not the only one..

One of these items that I have been left disappointed by was my Clarisonic Mia. At first, I really believed that it was doing fantastic things for my skin - but after using it for a month, I realised that while it wasn't making my skin worse, it wasn't exactly improving it either. But, due to the fact that I parted with a fair amount of money to buy it, I kept using it in vain hopes that I might see the magic all my favourites speil on about.

I recently got the chance to try a product that is a similar concept to the Clarisonic - the Racinne Lady 1 Massaging Rejuvenation System (which is a cleansing system, despite the fact that the name seems to suggest that it is a vibrator), which is a super affordable yet luxurious alternative to the Clarisonic. I've been trialled this for two weeks, and then switched back to my Clarisonic to really see which one was better for my skin. And even I was surprised with the results. I'll be going through each system briefly before telling you about what happened during my trial, so you can best decide which would work better for you.

Aaahhhh.. So my Clarisonic Mia.

I remember being so sceptical about buying this at first. It's $139AU from Myer, not including the fact that you have to pay about $30 every 2-3 months to replace the brush head. But, after Lauren Curtis put a photo up on Instagram of how well it removes makeup leftover on your skin, I was sold. Luckily, I was also armed with a Myer gift voucher, so I didn't have to pay the full price out of my own pocket.

At first, I was so impressed. My skins texture did slightly improve, I didn't experience intense breakouts like others who have tried it, and it did remove any remnants of makeup left on my skin after using makeup remover. So far, so good!

However, after a while, I noticed that while my skin wasn't getting worse, it wasn't getting any better either! I was still getting the odd pimple, with scarring, and the Clarisonic wasn't helping it any. I continued to use it hoping that it would perform this godsent miracle that I'd heard it do, but it just never happened. But each to their own. While I don't dislike the Clarisonic, I wasn't exactly impressed overall either.

Now enter this competitor - the Racinne Lady I Massaging Rejuvenation System!

I was given the opportunity to try this about three weeks ago, and I was sceptical of this also. I mean, my Clarisonic didn't exactly work, so how could this, especially when it was less than half the price of the Clarisonic? Well, ladies and gents, this product is proof to me that sometimes the quality of the product oversteps its price.

Firstly, unlike the Clarisonic system, this has four different brush heads. The first, which is similar to the brush head on the Clarisonic (except smaller), and is meant to be used the same manner. The second is a sponge, which is meant to make it easier for products, such as your moisturiser, to soak into your skin. The other two are actually meant to used for your body - one is a larger version of the first brush head, to exfoliate and cleanse your body of impurities and the other is a pumice stone, which can be used to smooth down any rough skin.

Secondly, this bad boy is amazing. It does everything the Clarisonic does and more. I have had a blemish scar on my chin for months, and after using this four about four days it was significantly reduced. That was really the part that convinced me that this is a fantastic product. The sponge is also amazing, it really smooths down my face and allows my rosehip oil to completely sink into my skin and make it all plump and happy.

In terms of the trial I did, it all centers around my 'blemish' scar. I've had pimples pop up in exactly the same spot every couple of weeks for a while now. My Clarisonic didn't really change that schedule, but the Racinne brush honestly did. It didn't make it completely go away, but after two weeks it was significantly less noticeable and I didn't have to pile on the concealer either!

Out of curiosity, and of course for the sake of this blog post, I decided to go back to the Clarisonic for a week to see if it changed anything now that one of my biggest skin insecurities was almost gone. Within a couple of days, I had another pimple in the exact same spot. Some people may argue that that is the Clarisonics job - and that your skin goes through a period of transition where you do breakout. But, when I was using the Clarisonic for six months, my skin still broke out a pimple in the exact same spot! But with Racinne, it was almost gone from my life.

Its clear which cleansing system I prefer - in terms of both quality and affordability, the Racinne system wins a million times over. Plus, with all of its little add ons, you really do get more bang for your buck. I will continue to use it, and lets hope that my scar is gone in time for my holiday in September!

You can find the Racinne System here for $49AU!

You can find the Clarisonic Mia here for $139AU!

Hope you enjoyed the review and found a cheaper and better quality alternative to the Clarisonice - definitely give it a try!

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  1. The Clarisonic/the whole facial brush cleansing thing has always intrigued me, though I'd never been keen enough to fork out the money. I must say the Racinne sounds sooo much better and I might have to think about investigating it a bit more!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Wow sounds amazing! Don't worry my Clarisonic does nothing to my skin as well and I thought I was the only one!

  3. The Racinne brush looks great that it has four attachments with it!!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel Blog

  4. Not always the more expensive items are the best! I've always wanted to try the brush tool on my face, but I have such dry skin I'm scared it will iritate it too much! >_<
    Great post! :)
    Emilia's Book

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