16 Aug 2014

foundation friday: bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation

Hey guys!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Foundation Friday - and also my brand spankin' new vanitys little teeny sneak peek! The winner this week was the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. For those of you who may have been following my blog since its beginning you may remember seeing this baby pop up a fair amount of times. I was obsessed and I raved about it constantly here on my blog in favourites and random mentions (I also have a post here on my Bourjois foundations - click here to read!).

Just an FYI - Chanel and Bourjois are owned by the same company. While this foundation has been compared to the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua Foundation, I'm not too sure. I haven't been brave enough to part with the cash that Chanel demands. Maybe when I'm rich.. But, this is like the little sister to Bourjois original Healthy Mix. If you found that foundation not to your liking, because it was too thick or too hard to work with, this might be the foundation for you.

So, you can probably tell how this review is going to go. I adore this foundation, and always have since I first put it on my face. It is probably in my number two in my favourite drugstore foundations. Its just perfect and it fulfils basically every want and need that I have in a foundation. Read on to see exactly what I love about this foundation and why!

First up is packaging - and this is quite sturdy packaging considering its available on the drugstore. It's a tall thin plastic bottle, with a pump. Mine is, of course, absolutely filthy because I use it so often. I've had this since about February-March this year, and I used it religiously for a while and every now and again at the moment, and I still have so much left over!

In terms of coverage, this a definite light to light-medium coverage. If you are after full coverage, this is not the foundation for you. While you can build it up, I have noticed that it doesn't really do anything for the coverage. But why I love this foundation is because it really is perfect for those my-skin-is-looking-amazing days. You'll notice that this is called the Healthy Mix SERUM Foundation, leading me to think that this foundation could have some skincare benefits. While I don't think this improved my skin, I guess it didn't make it worse either. Good sign!

The finish of this foundation is absolutely gorgeous. Its glowing and dewy, just incredibly healthy looking which is why I always wear it when I'm having a good skin day. It also smells sooo good! Very fruity. However, if you are someone who is sensitive to scents, I wouldn't recommend this. Its extremely prominent and it does linger. This does claim to have 16 hour wear, which is something I have to disagree with. While I did think that it did at first, I've noticed that it only lasts a good seven-eight hours before fading on me, I don't think it would withstand much more unless you had a powder to touch up with.

Here are some swatches of the foundation:

You can see that it doesn't completely cover my veins on my hand. But you can also see how gorgeously dewy this is! It evens out my skin tone and really makes my skin just look better - just more healthy and glowing. Exactly the way I like it!

If you are someone who has normal to dry skin, or if you are in the market for a foundation that you can wear on a daily basis, I would 100% recommend this! However, as someone with dry-normal skin myself, I unfortunately can't speak for if this would work if you have oily skin. Given the finish and the longevity, I assume it wouldn't be the best option, but don't let that stop you it! You could always set it with a powder to control your oil and prolong its wear.

You can find this foundation here in Australia for $32AU. My understanding is that it is not available in the US, but if you look up swatches online you could always try eBay. Just remember to be wary and only buy off sellers who have positive feedback on all aspects.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Remember to check my Instagram page next Monday when next weeks contestants are revealed. If you have any particular foundation you'd like to see included, comment it down below!

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  1. Great post! I have this foundation and love it. I get oily around my t-zone but as long as I set this with powder, I don't find that it's too bad :) I love the glowy and dewyness of this foundation and I think it looks so natural. I love it when my skin doesn't need to be covered up too much! It also smells soooo good. I find it only lasts 5-6 hours on me before I have to refresh with powder.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Thanks Sarah :) its a gorgeous foundation, I'm glad it works with your skin! Would ne such a shame if it didn't xx

  2. Never tried this srum version but I love the foundation, keeps me looking so fresh and glowy <3



  3. Great, in depth review! This foundation used to be one of my favourites, until I realised it really doesn't work well with my skin! I have oily-combo skin and I definitely noticed my skin getting shiny throughout the day, and product very easily transferred. I adore the finish and coverage of it though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thats such a shame! It is a gorgeous foundation, but I would be worried about it with oily skin :( Thanks for reading xx

  4. I love using this foundation for no makeup days it's a great for lightweight coverage!!! Love the review !

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel Blog

  5. Love this foundation so much because of you! xxx

  6. I'm really keen on trying this foundation! I'm using the original Healthy Mix and I'm in love with it so I'm hoping this will work just as well! Great review darling xxxx