3 Sept 2014

july/august favourites

Hey guys!

So I slipped up, and forgot to post my July Favourites. Actually, I was just way too busy working to actually sit down and go through the products I had been loving, but I kept track of everything so that I could do this jam-packed favourites post for you!

I have been loving SO much over July and August, I actually had to cull the list down to what I really really loved - otherwise this post would have been a newspaper. As it stands it's still bloody long, so grab a snack and a cuppa, and read on to see what I have been REALLY loving throughout these two months.


I will cry when this runs out. Its my new favourite primer. Luckily, my friend Kirsty from Lipstick Addict was kind enough to pick me up some MAC goodies on her recent trip to Hawaii, and this was one of the first on my list. This is super similar to the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer, except thicker, creamier and just overall better. Despite the price difference, I would 100% buy this over the L'Oreal one anytime. It's super moisturising and just gives this gorgeous subtle metallic glow all over my face - definitely will repurchase when I run out.

I won't harp on too much about this product as I have a review here, but I love almost everything about this foundation. The only thing I really really don't like is the colour range (its unfortunately a bit oompa loompa-ish), but everything else is so on point its ridiculous. I recommend the heck out of it, especially for normal to dry skin.

Another super huge favourite, I have been using this pretty much everyday under my foundation to balance out my complexion before going in with my foundation. This is the lighter of the Lioele BB Creams - there is also one called Triple the Solution which is apparently amazing for problematic skin. This is just perfect for me and my skin type, and I'll continue to use it 'til I run out.

This is actually super similar to Strobe Cream, but even more light reflective. After my primer, I've been placing a teeny amount of this (it's super pigmented!) on the high points of my face, in particular my cheekbones, and then going over it with my foundation. It's so pretty and easy to use, and it gives a subtle luminous to my face without having to go in with a million powder products to achieve that look. This is a super great product as well, because you can use it mixed in with your primer or foundation, or even just as a primer itself.

Where has this product been all my life? Seriously? I am so stunned that I haven't been thrown into purchasing this earlier. This is the most amazing undereye powder ever - its brightening, and it even has a little bit of a tint to it which really helps conceal my undereye circles. I can't recommend this enough, I may even love it enough for it to be at holy grail status.

Rediscovered this foundation as well! I adored this back in the day, it was a huge favourite - I even own four bottles to match me at all stages of my tan. Its just a great everyday foundation, it has a beautiful healthy, dewy finish and a light-medium coverage. Dry to normal skin types, definitely try this out (I have a review here if you want to read more!).
Just another bronzer to add to the collection. I love the MAC MSFs, they're amazing and I love this because its goes on like butter - its so easy to blend out for a sunkissed glow, plus the powder of the MSFs is so finely milled that it actually looks so natural. J'adore!

Yes, I have finally jumped on the lip liner bandwagon and I have been using these three alot for these two months. These are all relatively natural lip liners, so its nothing out there and I have slowly been working to slightly over line my lips. These are fantastic shades and formulas, and I would recommend them all! Watch this space as I get into a lip liner fanatic.


Again, I won't harp on about how much I love this because I have a review on the whole range here. But I love this serum, its super hydrating and just makes my skin feel like a million baby butts.

OMG I LOVE THIS MASK SOOOOOO MUCH. Dead serious, I've been using it once a week and it gives my skin some extra life on top of my moisturisers. It is a gel masque, amd it promises dewier, more luminous skin - which I can totally vouch for. If you have normal/dry skin (maybe more on the normal side), I really really recommend you try this!

I used to be completely loyal to the Sukin Rosehip Oil, which is still honestly something I would recommend, but this is BETTER. I have minimal scarring from pimples, because I can't help myself and pop them all as soon as it appears, and this along with my Racinne Cleansing Brush has honestly helped to minimise those scars. Deadset, this is a little more expensive than Sukin, but I would choose this over their branded Rosehip Oil. Sorry, Sukin, I still love you!!

Sweet mother of Jesus, this stuff is magic in a bottle. Its a cream cleanser, so I put a little on a cotton round morning AND night, and I rub it all over my face - and it cleans and hydrates my face! Because of Winter being such a bitch to my skin, I have been loving almost over hydrating my skin, especially as night, and this really starts that process off on the right foot.


I adore this scent so much - it smells like lollies, but like the adult version of lollies. Very sophisticated and dignified, I just feel so elegant wearing it. Not to mention its Prada, so I just feel extra special when I put it on. Only problem is that I am severely allergic to it, so I can't wear it on my skin because I break out in hives - so all my clothes basically smell amazing.

I've been trying to preserve my stash of Chapstick Cake Batter Lip Balms, so I started back on my Hurraw Lip Balms. This is in the flavour Green Tea, and its awesome - I remember why I loved them so much now! They are all organic ingredients, and vegan, so there is nothing bad in there for my dry chapped little lips. I 100% recommend these, they're only like $4 and they have really amazing customer service (I have a review here) plus their flavours are different and unique - get on it!

How beautiful is this brush?! I was lucky enough to be sent this from this amazing website MYQTY (as well as giving five away to some lucky Australians) and it is the most luxurious brush I have ever seen or used. I was a sworn Beauty Blender user until this brush came on the scene, and I've been using it ever since. I really recommend MYQTY, they have amazing service, are Australian based and have some higher end brands that we can't get here in Australia. I'll be featuring one such product here on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned....

Ugh, my nails have been so feral lately. Like bad enough that I've been cropping them out of photos, and hiding them from the world. Because I've been working so much, my nails have just been destroyed. I'm a klutz so I manage to break them on anything I touch, plus I also have to wash my hands constantly so that doesn't help them at all. I've been putting this stuff on my nails one a week for about a month now, and I'm happy to report that my nails are making a sweet as comeback!

Thats it for my July/August Faves! If you managed to make it through this, I applaud you because its long as anything. But I've just loved so much over this past two months that it was really difficult to cull anything! Ya know how it is; #makeupjunkie! Let me know some of your favourite products from August in the comments down below!

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*Some products featured were kindly sent to COAMA HQ for consideration of review. All reviews are 100% honest!


  1. I really want to try MAC Strobe Cream, it sounds wonderful ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

  2. Wow thats a load of lovely products there!! I love Trilogy Skincare, and sigma brushes are just theeee best !!



  3. Your reviews are so funny - I really enjoyed reading that. We like quite a few of the same products, like Trilogy Rosehip Oil - although my one doesn't have the antioxidants, it's just normal, as well as Hydraluron which I got fairly recently. I didn't even know Lush sold makeup - I've only ever bought skincare and bath stuff there, I'll have to check it out.

    Lena | www.lenatalksbeauty.com