19 Jan 2015

best of beauty 2014

Hey guys!

Happy 2015! Wishing every single one of you the best for this new year - lets make it the best one yet!

I've been away for a while, and I apologise for that. Except not really - this break was awesome, and not having to worry about putting photos or blog posts up has been good! I've enjoyed spending time with my family and friends, and I've been working alot as well to try and save some money. But it's nice to be back - blogging last year showed me alot about the blogging world and how it works, and I feel great about this new year and the direction I'd like my blog to go in. I won't be branching out though - not right now anyway. I love makeup and beauty, and I feel that it'll always be the main focus here on my blog due to that love.

In the spirit of all the 2014 posts released in the past two weeks, I thought I'd put together one of my own! However, I will only be picking ONE product from each category (which was no easy feat, let me tell you) to try and speed it up. I kept it to products that I used frequently last year and that really became staples in my routine. So, grab a cuppa, get a comfy seat and let's get started!

P R I M E R : Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Primer

If you're a regular reader, you probably saw this coming. I love this little baby right here - its one of the best primers I have ever used and it definitely wins the award for most used primers of 2014. I use about two to three pumps each time, and it really hydrates my skin while also giving it a sublte glow and colour correcting. It really helps foundation to blend in like a dream as well - I just cannot say enough good things about it. This is available from Priceline and is priced as $21AUD.

F O U N D A T I O N : Make Up Forever HD Foundation

I included this in a High End haul last year, and even though it was only purchased towards the end of last year, I've probably been more loyal to this than any other foundation of 2014. This is a big call - we all know I'm a foundation junkie, I can never have enough really. But I can say without a doubt, that I've gone through more of this than any other foundation I own so far. The best thing about this foundation for me personally is that it is so versatile. It's fantastic on it's own, but it does have a more satin/matte finish, whereas I prefer more luminous, dewy foundations, so I usually mix other foundations in with it to give it that glow and it always works perfectly. Again, its something I've been using almost everyday since I brought it, and I would highly recommend it for all skin types as well! This is available from Sephora in Australia for $62AUD (from memory) but seeing as they are currently not online, you can purchase it here from PM Studio for $62AUD.

C O N C E A L E R : Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

The most constant product in my routine for the whole of 2014. I use this basically everyday, and did for the whole of last year. It's just so easy to apply and blend under the eye area and helps to really conceal the dark circles I have. I wouldn't say its full coverage, but it is buildable without being cakey and the best part is its drugstore! I haven't found a concealer yet that beats this one - but never say never, right? You can find this here at Priceline for $18.95AUD.

B R O W S : Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown

No joke guys, Anastasia knows her brows. I have both this and her dipbrow pomade, and lets be real, the only reason I'm featuring the brow wiz is because I use it more on an everyday basis due to it being easier to apply - but both are fantastic and more than worth the money. It's just so easy to fill in my brows with the product, and the fact that it's a little waxy helps to tame them hairs as well! The spooli at the end is fantastic for blending them to look more natural, and just overall I would really recommend both this and dipbrow if you want fantastic looking brows! You can find both at Sephora Australia (for a ridiculously inflated price) or you can buy them here from the ABH website for $21US (brow wiz) and $18US (dipbrow) with $17 flat rate international shipping!

S E T T I N G  P O W D E R : MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light

I've tried a lot of under eye setting powders this year, and although I've found some gems, this is probably still my favourite of them all. I rediscovered this at the beginning of this year and it really is my most favourite to use. Its easy to blend and is light without being too light - it really just helps my under eyes stay bright without looking out of place, and helps with the creasing under and on my eyelids. MAC Mineralize powders are possibly my favourite products from MAC, so many to choose from and an amazing formula. You can find this here on MAC Cosmetics AU website for $49AUD.

B R O N Z E R : MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep

Another MAC MSF - y'all can see how much I love these products! These are technically setting powders, but I love this shade to bronze and warm up my face. Again, I love bronzer and own more than I care to count, but this is probably my most tried and true (this is actually a backup, my other is on its last legs) due to its formula and being so gorgeous and glowy without going overboard. Again, you can find this here on the MAC Cosmetics AU website for $49AUD.

B L U S H : Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

You know those products that come out and cost a ridiculous amount of money, but you save up for ages and buy them anyway? This is one of them. If you can still get your hands on this DO IT! Don't even question it, just make the purchase. I am not a blush wearer typically - I flush really easily, and it always just makes me look redder than I actually am. There are amazing. I can't even begin to explain how much I love them and how gorgeous they are. They just add such a simple flush of colour that look completely natural, and they just blend in so well without looking like you've just slapped a bunch of pink on your face. I recommend the heck out of this palette, and if you can't get your hands on it, then I definitely recommend the individual blushes of which I will own once I actually have money. Unfortunately, I cannot find it anywhere (I brought mine from Sephora US for $58US), but I'm sure it will be available on Amazon or eBay.

H I G H L I G H T E R : MAC Minzeralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

Another mineralize powder - and the most natural highlighter I have ever come across. Not only is it perfect on the cheeks, its also amazing as an eyeshadow as well! This is probably my second favourite highlighter of all time (but the first was discovered two days before 2014 ended, which is why I'm featuring this) and its just so easy to wear and use. Highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a highlighter that you can use on both an everyday basis and build up for those nights were you, y'know, want to overdo the dew! You can find it here on the MAC Cosmetics AU website for $47AUD.

S E T T I N G  S P R A Y : NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray

Another constant of 2014! I've used MAC Fix+ and Skindinavia, and while they were good, they didn't compare to this, especially for the price. You can spritz this everywhere, and it helps to melt your base into your skin while also prolonging the wear of your makeup. Again, its another drugstore product, so we all know the price is right, and I've repurchased this numerous times this year. You can find this here at Target from around $14.95AUD.

M A S C A R A : Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

Holy heck, I actually love Max Factor mascaras so much (currently have three on the go, including this one), and this is just fantastic for my lashes. It gives them a natural, wispy sort of look and is so easily built up to give a more dramatic look. I started using this towards the end of last year, but again it's probably my most favourite drugstore mascara - that I've tried, of course. I highly recommend Max Factor mascaras as an alternative to high end - they are a little pricier, but such great quality for the price! You can find this here at Priceline for $23.95AUD.

E Y E L I N E R : Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Brown & Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude

Okay, so I obviously have two eyeliners here, but I use these both constantly so I couldn't just pick one to talk about. I use the brown eyeliner to tightline my eyes, as it looks so much more natural than straight black, and I use the nude one in my waterline, to help open my eyes up a little. They're both Rimmel, and I love their eyeliners as they're super easy to use and blend out - I own quite a few! You can find these here from Priceline for $8.50AUD (soft kohl) and here for $9.95AUD (Scandaleyes).

E Y E S H A D O W : Stila In the Light Palette

Now, I've been trying to branch out for the last couple of weeks and actually use eyeshadow on a semi-regular basis. I've turned to this the most because it has a gorgeous range of mattes and shimmers that can be used both everyday and amped up for a more dramatic look. In particular, I've been using the shade Bliss in my crease and lid, and Bare on my inner corner and brow bone, and it just adds some depth to my eyes and helps to stand out a little more. You can find this palette here from Mecca for $52AUD.

L I P  L I N E R: MAC Whirl Lip Pencil

Made famous in 2014 by Kylie Jenner, this is such a natural easy shade to wear both on its own and underneath other lip shades. I use this almost everyday, and it'll probably continue to be a staple throughout 2015 as well! You can find this here on the MAC Cosmetics AU website for $30AUD.

L I P S T I C K : Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Leah Baby Cocoa, Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Angelic Nude & Too Faced La Crème Colour Drenched Lip Cream in Naked Dolly

Again, this was such a hard category to pick just one in. Shockingly, they're all some form of nude and have all been staples at some point throughout this past year. Shanghai Suzy's Miss Leah is the most incredible perfect nude - it's just so pretty and easy to wear, as it is a nourishing formula. I'm so impressed by the lipsticks that I own by this brand, and I definitely have to pick up a back up to this as the shades are seasonal. You can find it here from the Shanghai Suzy Website for $12.95. Tarte's Amazonian Butter lipsticks are also incredible, their formula is so moisturising and honestly, this shade lasts forever on me as well. It's a more coral-ly, my lip shade but better type nude, but I love it so much and this lipstick literally lives in my makeup bag now. You can find this at Sephora Australia for $24AUD or from here for $16US. And last, but certainly not least, Too Faced La Crème Colour Drenched Lip Cream in Naked Dolly. This shade goes perfectly with MAC Whirl Liner for a super easy and natural nude lip. It's a staple for me to always have it with me, and I always wear it paired with Whirl on my mote natural days. The formula of these is incredible as well - super glossy and hydrating! You can find this here from Mecca for $29AUD.

And that's it! My favourite products from 2014 - although definitely not all. I'd love to hear what your most coveted product was from 2014 and what you're most looking forward to for the new year!

Until next time my loves...


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*Some products featured were kindly sent to COAMA HQ for consideration of review. All reviews are 100% honest!


  1. I've heard so many things about ALL of these - and I really want to try them all haha :P I'm so sad that the Hourglass blush palette was limited edition, I reeeeeally hope they make it permanent like the powder palette! I've been meaning to try the NYX spray but it's always sold out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Great favourites! We have some very similar products in our favourites posts, I'm obsessed with the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray :)

  3. Great post Bek! I love MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes too! So versatile! I've wanted to try the Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks for a while now, but with a spending ban in place, I will have to wait a little longer!!