17 Jan 2016


Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Confessions of a Make-Up Addict has been reformed into my beauty diary xo - a new fun project for me to work on and continue what I loved so much about COAMA. There was no huge reason to change my blogs name, seeing as I'm continuing in the same direction. But after last year, I feel like I am in a completely free and less stressed headspace, and I wanted the blog to reflect that, if only that it was just a name change.

I've missed blogging and writing all about beauty - and also missed all you guys! I hope we can continue our fun journey of being beauty addicts and discussing our love for it all together :)

Moving on - my first post of 2016 is all about my favourite products of 2015! After last years favourites, I really narrowed it down this year and kept it 90% products that I discovered last year, with only one rolling on from the previous year. I definitely enjoyed many more products during 2015, but I really want to keep this purely to the products that I felt deserved the spotlight over the year.

Let's get started! Keep reading to see what products I have looooooved this year!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecters Pressed (Moonstone, Champagne Pop & Opal)

It goes without saying that 2015 was the year of highlighting, with strobing being all the rage. I definitely bought into this trend way more than it was necessary, but of all highlighters that I own, my Becca highlighters take the cake. I turn to them constantly, they go on beautifully and really just bring that extra somethin' somethin' to your face. The formula is incredibly creamy and silky, and I have never had an issue with chalkiness or chunky powder. 

I own three - Moonstone, Champagne Pop and Opal - and of all of them, Opal is definitely my favourite. Closely followed by Moonstone and Champagne Pop. Opal is a gorgeous beige tone shimmer, Moonstone is a very finely milled white (it's definitely more of a 'glow from within', rather than straight white highligter) and Champagne Pop is a peachy gold tone. I would definitely recommend any of them for any looking for a highlighter that will really bring that glow and luminosity for both day and night.

I brought mine here from Adore Beauty, and Champagne Pop from Sephora US. However, they are now all available from Sephora AU for $58AU (even Champagne Pop woo!)

Maybelline FitMe Dewy & Smooth, BareMinerals Complexion Rescue & Maybelline FitMe Concealer

Yes I know I don't have the packaging of Compleion Rescue - this is all I have left of it :( - but that should tell you just how much I loved it this year. How much I loved all three items this year! 

Maybelline FitMe Dewy & Smooth is 100% my HG drugstore foundation - it is incredible. The formula, the finish, the colour range, lasting power. I love every little single thing about it. I cannot say one bad thing about this foundation, and I highly recommend it for those with drier skin and for those after a luminous finish. 

The FitMe concealer has been a must have for covering any blemishes I've had throughout the year. It does have a little more coverage than the Age Rewind which is nice because it does help to really hide those pesky little spots without making it look cakey and obvious that I am trying to hide them.

The BareMinerals Complexion Rescue is definitely coming up on HG status for me too. I cannot imagine a makeup desk where I can't have this in my reach. It has sheer coverage, but it really helps neutralize my skin and even it out, as well as hydrate and keep it smooth and clear. This was my saving grace in the winter season, and I will be repurchasing once I'm completely out for sure.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara & Anastasia Beverly Hills Browiz in Soft Brown

Oooooh the Lash Sensational is absolutely incredible for a drugstore mascara! I am partial to a few drugstore brands for mascaras, though I haven't stuck it out with them for as long as I have with the Lash Sensational. It really helps fan out my lashes, while giving volume and separation and really all the good things you need in a mascara. My only qualm is that it does transfer quite easily, so I do wear a different mascara on my bottom lashes, but I'm not too fussed about that. Not going to stop me buying it again or anything ;)

And the only product to make it to this list from last year, the ABH Browiz in Soft Brown. I have only gone through two this past year, and I use it every single day for my brows. I won't drone on about it - you can click here to read what I love so much about it there :)

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Single in Morocco & Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soliel Bronzer

I never thought I'd like powder honestly. I have drier skin, that tends to look cakeier the more products that are loaded on it. 2015 was definitely the year where I learned to use less full coverage foundation, and instead for a more flawless complexion, use a light dusting of the Studio Fix powder over top. Again, I can't say enough good things - this powder truly takes my foundation to the next level. With a setting spray, it's even better. I carry this with me all the time and always use it for touch ups!

The ABH eyeshadow in Morocco - uuuugh its the perfect eyeshadow. I use it alllll the time. I use it to line on my lid and under my eyes, blow it out into the crease. It's just beautiful. It its a perfect warm toned red/brown, and it really brings out the honey tones in my own eyes.

And finally, the Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer has been my go to bronzer especially when I am tanned. Again, it's very warm toned, almost with a red sunburnt undertone, but the formula of the Too Faced Chocolate Soleils are amongst my faves - they blend out so incredibly well and look very natural in my humble opinion. Not to mention they smell like chocolate - its really just a delight to smooth it out into my face.

And that's all I'll be mentioning today! Like I said, there are plenty more products that I really have loved and used all year, however these are the stars of the year if you will. Definitely the stand outs for 2015!

What were you favourites for the year? What are you excited to try in 2016?

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