13 Mar 2014

top five thursday: pink lipsticks

Hey guys!

Guess what day it is? Its Top Five Thursday (hurray!). This is coming up to be my favourite part of the week, I love going through all my collection and really picking out the standouts of every beauty category I can think of!

If you follow me on Instagram, or really if you have seen either of the eyeshadow tutorial posts that I have made on my blog (click here and here), you will know that my colour of choice on my lips is pink. I love pink, it's my favourite colour, and I own so many pink lipsticks, lipglosses and balms that I have seriously lost count. I just think that the colour is so easy to pull off, because our lips are naturally pink or red.

Because I usually wear lipstick over lip gloss (long hair problems), I decided to make this just a pink lipstick post. I went through ALL my pink lipsticks, and picked out the ones that I covet and wear on a regular basis. This was a difficult decision, there are so many that I love and use so often, but I really had to narrow it down and pick the ones that I would reach for the most frequently. Read on to see which ones made the cut!

Lipsticks pictured (l-r) - MAC Lipstick in Syrup, YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in  #1 Nude Beige, MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn, Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native

MAC Cosmetics Lustre Lipstick in Syrup: This is the best MLBB I have ever found! I would describe it as a muted mauve pink, and it is the most perfect everyday lipstick I could ever have hoped for. It goes with any look I create, whether it be natural and dramatic, but I just really love it to wear on the days where I want my lips to look natural, but healthy with a bit of shine. As it is a Lustre finish, it is super moisturising, but its staying power is a little lacking. I did do a post all about my favourite MAC lipsticks in which this was featured. I'll link it here if you want to take a look :) . This does retail for $36AU from MAC Counters, but I really think it's worth it because I wear it so often.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #1 Nude Beige: This is my all time favourite lipstick, formula and packaging. Aaah, this lipstick is so beautiful, I can't even deal. It's a gorgeous soft pink/nude colour, and I realise how expensive these lipsticks are, but you have my word they are 100% worth every single dollar. This lipstick is so creamy and opaque. You could have cracked and dry lips, use no scrub or balm before putting this on, and I swear you wouldn't even be able to tell. In all seriousness, this lipstick is a luxury. The packaging is amazing (it's YSL, come on), the product is amazing.. But the price isn't so amazing. These retail for $55AU from select Myer or David Jones stores. But if you wanted to try it out, just go swatch it in store and I have no doubt that you will fall in love with the magic that is YSL.

MAC Cosmetics Lustre Lipstick in Lovelorn: Oh yes, another MAC lipstick. Just as amazing as the first. This is a beautiful, cool toned pink that isn't a Barbie pink or baby pink. It really is in between, and it is perfect for someone who is looking for a wearable everyday pink that isn't an MLBB or too bright. I tend to wear this on the days when I do less with my face, because this really amps up my look and makes my overall look more awake and radiant. It is also another lustre finish, so it isn't going to dry your lips out in the slightest, but you will have to touch it up throughout the day. This retails for $36, but again, so worth it.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush: My most worn lipstick, and also the only one I actually have a back up to (it's almost finished). This is another great everyday pink, that is similar to MAC's Crème Cup (but better if you ask me), and best of all it will not break your budget. This has sort of a balm like feel to it, but I don't notice it actually moisturising my lips, but in saying that, it doesn't dry them out either. I actually really like the whole Maybelline Color Whisper range, Australia didn't get all the colours but that didn't stop me from collecting all the ones I could! This just happens to be my favourite of the lot, its just really wearable and easy for everyday. These retail for $14.95AU.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native: Okay, I want all of these and I want them now. This lipstick is amazing, it's very creamy and it just glides on to your lips. The colour is a perfect pink nude, but I would call it an almost semi-matte finish because on me, it dries really quickly and I do get a long wear out of it. But, it doesn't look matte at all, and its just such a great colour. Do I own anything exactly like it? Probably. But this is just such a nice colour, and its Urban Decay.. Come on now.. I got this in the US from Sephora for $22USD, but us Aussies can find this on BeautyBay ( www.beautybay.com ) for $31.40AU, which isn't too bad, considering a MAC lipstick is $36AU.

Swatches (l-r) - MAC's Syrup, YSL Rouge Volupte #1, MAC's Lovelorn, Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush, Urban Decay Lipstick in Native

So there you have it! My top five favourite pink lipsticks! Like I said, pink outweighs all the colours in my collection, and I have so many more I could have written about! But these are my favourites, and the ones I reach for over the others, or in YSL's case, covet like it will be discontinued tomorrow.

What top five products would you like to see next Thursday? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love lovelorn! Nice swatches bebe! I love wearing pink lips too!

  2. Great picks! I have that shade of YSL too! It's sooo gorgeous. I also love their Glossy stains. They are seriously amazing.
    Also just a tip, it might be a good idea to turn off the captcha thing that makes people type in numbers or words to prove they're not a computer.. as those tend to stop people commenting as much :)

    1. Hey! I love my YSL, for sure my favourites!
      Sorry I didn't realise it was on! I thought I had gone through and switched all that stuff off, but I must have missed this one. Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. LOVE YOUR BLOG:) do you have any tips for anyone starting a new beauty blog?

    1. Hey babe! Congrats if you're starting one! Honestly, I am still starting out myself :) My main advice would be to keep motivated and post frequently! I personally set up a schedule for myself that I try as hard as I can to stick to. Another great tip is to start a Instagram and Twitter acct - you gain more traffic through these outlets and it's a great way to find other like minded people with the same passion! Hope it all goes well doll!