26 Oct 2014

first impression + review - australis contour & highlight kit

Hey guys!

Who else was super excited when they saw Australis announce that they were bringing out their own contour and highlight kit? Especially when it looked so super similar to a high end version not readily available here in Australia (cough, anastasiabeverlyhills cough)? This was FINALLY released on Australis' website last week, retailing for $16.95. It was due to permanently be in Priceline stores from Thursday, so if you're wondering why you haven't been able to find it in store or on their website, I'd definitely check back now.

As soon as I saw this on Australis website, I brought it - no questions asked. Funnily enough, I'd also brought the ABH version (which is currently in transit to be home with its mum) a couple of days before, but I couldn't wait. It arrived to me Monday night, and the first thing I did on Tuesday morning was swatch it and photograph it for this post. PS Thats why the photos are a little off - couldn't contain the excitment! 

Apart from the swatches, I have already used this once, and I'll include how it performed at the end of the post.

Read on for a quick overview and swatches of the kit!

Ok, so let me start by saying that this is A LOT smaller than what I imagined. The kit is roughly the size of my hand (see above) and the shades themselves are about the same size as a 50c coin. I mean, in terms of size and what you are getting for your money, it's worth the $16.95. It is just a heck of a lot smaller than what I pictured it to be in my head.

These are the shades themselves. The kit includes two matte highlight shades, one shimmer highlight and three matte contour shades. I would assume with the two matte highlight shades are more for setting areas of your face and that the shimmer for a typical highlight. As one highlight shade is more pink and the other yellow (hello banana dupe), both with fit lighter skin tones and brighten up your look. With the contour shades, two are more on the cool side and the last is quite warm. Like with the hightlight shades, I would say the two cooler shades are meant for actual contouring and creating shadows, and the warmer for blending them out and 'bronzing' in a way.

Australis also includes this handy guide at the back of the palette so that, if you are a beginner or just in general unsure of how to actually contour and highlight using the palette, you could easily follow this guide and achieve the look you want.

Shades swatched: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

You can see in the photo above that they have amazing pigmentation for a palette that cost $16.95. This was the first time actually swatching the palette myself, and each swipe is one layer. Deadset, I am super impressed with the pigmentation of all of these shades!

Onto my first impression of actually using the palette - I used shades 1 and 2 mixed together to set my highlighted areas and shade 4 to contour. I have to say, the top shades are incredible. They go on so well, like butter, and they highlight so subtle-ly and set my concealer at the same time. However, I wasn't that impressed with my contour. It was a little grey and hard to blend out. This may be because I don't contour on a regular basis (just bronze), but I usually contour with a matte bronzer as well. I don't know.. I'll keep playing with it. But, the top three shades are definitely stand outs in this palette! If you're unsure about purchasing it, I would purchase it for those three shades alone. Despite my opinion on the contour shade, I still think this is incredible value for $16.95 and is very much worth purchasing.

You can find the palette here on the Australis website, or in Priceline stores (not currently online) for $16.95AU. Unfortunately, this is an Australian brand and is currently only available for international purchase on All Cosmetic Wholesale - this palette isn't on there yet though. Sorry!

If you've purchased this kit, let me know your thoughts below! Do you have any tips or tricks to using it? Also, if you'd like to see a comparison with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette, defintely let me know in the comments!

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  1. I really want to pick this up, it sounds amazing. It wasn't in my Priceline last time I went, and I have a feeling it's going to sell out SO quickly!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Oh wow this looks amaaaazing, the newest addition to my Christmas List I think! Just found your blog by the way and I love it, definitely following :)


  3. I think I have to get my hands on this when I spot it. Not like I need another contouring product but this one looks brilliant.
    Nail Masque

  4. This is definitely a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills one that is so much more expensive!