29 Oct 2014

my haircare routine

Hey guys!

After last weeks Updated Skincare Routine post, I decided to bring you this quick post detailing what I use in my hair as well! I will be honest and say that my hair is probably one of my favourite finer details about myself. Its been very tolerant and patient as I've dyed it almost every colour under the sun since I was 13, and I have (luckily) had no real issues with breakage or my hair falling out. My hair has always been dead straight, long (for the most part) and gets oily on the second day which is why I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days (unless I'm lazy - which happens more often than I care to admit). I also to dye my hair probably once every 2-3 months depending how fast it grows, but my step-mum is a hairdresser so she always does it for me.

I typically wash my hair with the Sunsilk Longer & Stronger shampoo and conditioner, and while it's wet, I brush it with a Tangle Teezer and when dry I always brush with a Michael Mercier brush. I always blow dry my hair after washing, which I know isn't exactly good for it, but if I don't my hair will part in the middle and sit flat to my face like curtains. I always part my hair on the side, as the middle part just doesn't suit me (you know it really doesn't suit you when your bf tells you look like Buzz Lightgear with it in - yea, thanks), but no matter how hard I've trained it since I was 12-13, or part it when it's wet, my hair just will not hack it. Plus, it does get a nice amount of volume when it is blow dried, which is an impossible feat without blow drying it. Each to their own - this is what works for me.

After I wash my hair, and comb all the tangles out with the Tangle Teezer, and use 2-3 pumps of the Toni & Guy Prep Smoothing Detangler ($15.99) in my hands, and work it through my hair from roots to ends. I then use the L'Oreal Repair Restoring Conditioning Spray ($6.99) and spray it all over my hair, mainly focusing on the roots as I seem to miss them the most when doing using conditioner - weirdly enough, my hair looks so totally oily when I don't condition my roots, which is why I use this to make sure that they've all been taken care of. After that, I brush my hair with the Tangle Teezer, and squirt 2-3 pumps of the Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Serum ($24.95) and work this into the ends of my hair, and then bring whatever's left in my hands through the rest of my hair. I then grab my Silkmax Oil (not sure how much as this is, as it was given to me by my step-mum who stocks it in her salon) and put one pump into the ends of my hair. I always wrap it up in a big ol' towel then to let the products sink into my hair before I dry it - I try and wait at least five minutes, and I'll find something else to do while I wait.

After I unravel my hair from my towel, I give it another quick comb and then spritz a couple of sprays of the Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist ($15.99) before blow drying. Honestly, this is new to my routine - I only bought it because I was out of the detangler and Priceline had them 2 for $20 or something to that effect. I blow dried my hair for years and years without using a heat protectant, and my hair remained fine - I don't see a difference with this product.. So unless its a good sale, I most likely won't be repurchasing.

And that is what I use to keep my hair strong and healthy! Yes, I use heat on it on a regular basis, but I rarely use other styling tools because my hair is already dead straight and rarely holds a curl. I'd love to hear if you have any product suggestions for me!

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  1. My hair has been looking quite dry lately so I might try some of these products! the conditioning spray sounds lovely! x


  2. It's so odd that your hair looks oil when you don't condition your roots!