28 Jun 2015

MY TOP FIVE // Drugstore Mascaras

Hey guys!

Similar to a series I did for a short time last year, I want to start doing another 'My Top Five' series. I'll basically be picking a category of products, and choosing what are my personal five favourites in that category. And this week, I've chosen to do drugstore mascaras!

I've noticed recently that I've been using a tonne of high end products in my routine over those from the drugstore - in all areas, except masara! Out of five mascaras sitting in my 'everyday' lot of products, only two or high end. And maybe that doesn't say anything to you, but it definitely says a lot to me! Thats why I thought it was appropriate to start this series off with this particular category, plus its always great to showcase what is truly great from the drugstore.

So in no particular order, here are my picks - keep reading to see my thoughts!

Eeek, not only is the packaging absolutely gorgeous, the product inside is incredible. I'm a massive fan of L'Oreal mascaras - I also love Miss Manga, One Million Lashes, Butterfly Lash, the originial Voluminous and the Extra Volume Collagen - but this one is probably my favourite. It has a slightly curved, bristle brush wand that really lifts and curls my lashes. The formula is also quite dry as well, which I personally love about mascara formulas, because it makes it so easy to build volume. This formula also has small fibres that also help with volume, although I barely notice them within this mascara. Definitely give this a try if you love voluminous, big, coated lashes!

Unfortunately, I could only find this on drugstore.com - they mustn't sell this over here :( (I purchased this from New York when I visited there)

Another favourite brand from the drugstore - Max Factor mascaras have never disappointed me. This has been my personal go to lately, as I have it in the brown shade which looks more natural on me than black mascaras. This just has a straight, plastic brush - but don't let that put you off. I promise you, Max Factor have the best mascaras in the drugstore (and possibly even the high end market) on the same line as L'Oreal.

Oh goodness, another massive favourite! I recieved this late last year, and it went straight to my top favourite mascaras that I have eye used. The brush is small, plastic and goes up at an angle, with the biggest bristles on the end of the brush. It flares out, so trust me when I saw that this helps push your lashes up a ridiculous amount. I'm almost at the end of my tube, which makes me quite sad really, but I really really love this mascara. I used it, and only it, for months of end before turning to something else!

(If I still owned it, I would also be including Max Factors False Lash Effect Masara - thats also incredible, it's just never in stock when I go to buy it! Can you see how obsessed I truly am with Max Factor mascaras?)

I've done a comparison review with this and the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes here - and this mascara won! I have back ups upon back ups of this (I always buy it on sale at Woolies), thats just how good it is. It has the two ends, one with the actual mascara and the other with loose fibres. Unlike other fibre mascaras, this really coats your lashes with the fibres without ever looking clumpy or spidery. It's great for building volume on my lashes without every going overboard!

I did another comparison post that featured this and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara here! This is THE perfect dupe for the Too Faced mascara (which is out of stock a lot of the time, may I add ;) ), and is definitely my favourite Covergirl mascara! The brush is a bristle brush which is flared out on either side to really flare out dem lashes and volumise them. Its so incredibly buildable too, which is why it's really the drugstore version of the Too Faced Better Than Sex. 

And those are my top five drugstore mascaras! Which would have to be your favourites?

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  1. The MF Transform mascara is on my to try list. My favourite from the drugstore is The Falsies by Maybelline.
    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. I love trying new mascara's. I haven't tried any of these but the L'Oreal one sounds perfect x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. Love Max Factor for mascaras x

  4. I'm all about drugstore mascaras. They've really upped their game. The L'Oreal Voluminous is one of my favorites too. :)