5 May 2014

the perfect palette tag

Hey guys!

Before I get into todays blog post, you may notice something different about my blog. And, if you don't well.. That's okay too.

I FINALLY have a new header! I'm seriously so happy and in love with it honestly, because I have basically wanted a new one since I changed the theme and layout of my blog, but I was so indecisive about what I wanted. I spoke to my good friend, Joey (also known as annajo on Instagram) and she designed this for me! I'm so grateful, and my blog is finally looking bangin'. Do me a favour and check out her fashion blog www.wethespies.com ! She'll also have an Etsy site soon for premade blogging templates, so definitely follow her if you're interested!

Today's blog post was actually supposed to be up last Friday, but honestly, Blogger was not my friend and in the end I decided to give it a break. But, there will be FOUR blog posts this week, and the fourth will be something special with a certain someone, so definitely keep an eye out and watch this space ;)

In case you couldn't tell by the title, today's post will be the perfect palette tag! I have seen this tag going around, but never thought to check it out until I was tagged myself! The gorgeous Erin from The Beauty Box tagged me to do this, and I thought why not? While I love the idea of eyeshadow and palettes, I would be lying if I said it was an everyday thing for me. Because of this, I tend to neglect and forget my palettes, even though I 
love them. I thought this would be great way to remember why I love them, while also showing you guys what I have and what I think of them!

Keep reading to see the tag and my answers!

best packaging

Oh, for sure Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (I have a review here)! Too Faced always have fantastic packaging, but they really went all out with the chocolate theme, to the cocoa scented shadows and the literal chocolate bar shaped palette.

best colour payoff

I would probably have to say my Stila In The Light Palette (I have another review of this here). I just remember swatching this for the first time and being amazed at how well the shadows applied, especially the shimmers! They all swatched like butter and reached full pigmentation on one swipe.

most versatile

Probably my Lorac Pro Palette (can you guess? Yes, I have a review here!). While this is a 
neutral palette, it also has purples, bronzes, reds and pinks - really this is the perfect palette for anyone, it really has enough shadows and versatility to keep even the most intense makeup junkie happy.

best for travelling

I would say my Naked Basics palette, but that decided to break the last time I went travelling. I'd probably have to say my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, just because the packaging clips together so it's so sturdy, and I definitely can't imagine it opening ever.

biggest regret

I don't really regret buying any of my palettes - just because I don't use hardly any of them, they're all beautiful and nice to look at. The only palette I'm a little iffy on is the MUA Undressed Palette, and that's only because it's exactly the same as the Urban Decay 
original Naked Palette - but it'll come in handy if I ever hit pan on the other shades.

best colour names

Again, I think I'll go with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! All the shades are named are sweets - yum!

least used

Probably all are my least used - or maybe my MAC Archie's Girls Spoiled Rich Palette. I love it, its just not a palette that you break out on the regular, at least not for me.

most used

Definitely my Urban Decay Naked Palette! So easy to use, and versatile and easy for everyday.

most loved

Ummm.. I'd say it's a tie between my Lorac Pro Palette and my Urban Decay Naked Palette. I love them both so much!

desert island

To be perfectly honest, if I am headed to a desert island, I wouldn't be taking any of my 
makeup! But, in the spirit, I would probably take my MUA palettes - same as Erin. Because they are super cheap, they cost nothing to replace so, it wouldn't be a huge loss if they did break.

And that's it for this tag! Leave your URL down below if you do this tag, I'd love to see it! I also tag:

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Until next time....


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  1. The Too Faced chocolate palette makes me so so hungry, I just want to eat it!!
    I love MUA palettes as they are super cheap and great quality :)

  2. Love this post!

  3. Your collection is amazing Bek!

  4. I really want to try out the Too Faced Choclate Bar Palette it just looks so scrummy! :-) Haven't done this rage yet but want to soon :-)


  5. I love the new header! I definitely need to pick up the Stila In the Light Palette. My most used has also been the Naked Palette, it is favorite out of all three! great post!

  6. Holey moley your collection! great post, i need to look into finally getting the Lorac Palette. Ps i just started my own beauty blog!


  7. CAN I HAVE ALL OF YOUR PALETTES? Omg I want the Lorac Pro and either the Naked 1 or 2 (I can't choose) so bad! I'm going with a dupe for now to see how I like it, then I'll buy the real ones(: Great post!


  8. This post really made me want to try the too faced chocolate bar palette! Need!!! xx