27 Oct 2014

review; new covergirl trublend foundation

Hey guys!

In the time since I've been back from Thailand, I've added a new foundation into my rotation. Covergirl recently reformulated their TruBlend foundation, and also added a concealer and powder to their line! I did used to use the original TruBlend back in the day, but I honestly cannot remember how it performed or anything back then - shows how interested in makeup I was! But I have been LOVING this foundation, and it definitely deserves more recognition then it has been getting.

Covergirl seems to be bit hit and miss with their products. Especially in Australia, you don't really hear much about it. But I love their Flamed Out Mascara, Jumbo Lip Crayons, primers and nail polishes - and y'all know I'm always game to try a new foundation.

This won't be a review on the whole line - unfortunately, the powder and concealer are too light for me, but I'm sure they work wonderfully as well. But I will be giving a full overview of the foundation for you, and how it's been working for me over the past three weeks!

The foundation comes in various shades all under a specific skin tone - L, M and D, which I'm assuming mean light, medium and dark. I personally think this is awesome, because it means the foundation can match even darker skin tones which most drugstore brands fail to meet. I'm using L6, which is a tad light and neutral for my skin but I warm it up with bronzer and it looks fine.

It is a thicker foundation, but it blends out like a dream. I've been using my beauty blender with it (all my brushes are dirty - oops!) and the pair are magic together. It gives a medium buildable coverage, and with the beauty blender it doesn't cake whatsoever. It makes my skin looks smooth and even gives me an almost dewy finish. This may be due to the beauty blender, but its definitely my most preferred tool anyway and if it makes it look fantastic, I'll take it!

I've been wearing to work over 8-9 hour days, and it lasts well over those periods. However, it does seem to break up on my nose if I wear it any longer than that, but really I'm usually home by that point about to take it off. Really, it doesn't claim to be long lasting, so whatever - ain't no big deal!

Here is a swatch of the foundation for you:

As you can see, it is a little neutral for my fake tan, but makes my veins and fine lines on my hands almost unnoticeable, but it still looks like skin! For reference, I have normal to dry skin, and most foundations that I have tried work for me and my skin. For those looking to see if it would work with oily skin, I will leave my friend Katina's Instagram here - she has oily skin, and adores this foundation! 

For some reason, I cannot find this online to buy in Australia - the Covergirl website also hasn't been updated and still has the original formula on there. But, it is available to buy in various stores - I've seen it in Priceline and Big W, and although I can't remember RRP, it wouldn't be expensive. Covergirl is a really affordable brand, and in this case I would highly recommend grabbing one of these foundations! Once it's available online, I will update this post and link it for you.

Let me know if you've tried this foundation - or if you have a drugstore foundation that has surprised you!

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  1. Wow this looks amazing! Should of bought it when it was half off at Woolies!

  2. This really sounds like a great foundation! I know everyone loves their Outlast foundation too. Hopefully you get the concealer and powder working for you, maybe as a highlighter? The crayon format of the concealer seems super handy.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on this foundation so I always passed it up. I might need to see if they have my colour!

  4. Ooh eager to try this! Looks great!