13 Oct 2014

you're so overrated #1: mac pro longwear concealer

Hey guys!

Welcome to a newer series on my blog - You're so Overrated! In this series, I really want to go through the products that I have been convinced to buy by various beauty gurus on Youtube, or rave reviews by other trusted sources, that I just don't think are all that. Not to say that they are bad products AT ALL, just a little disappointing for me considering how many people have loved all over it.

First up for this series is, sadly, the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I brought this be use everyone in the beauty world uses it and RAAAAAAVES about it. I was especially intrigued because it claims to be creaseless, and that is something I have an issue with every single concealer I used. So off I went and purchased this baby, which is NOT cheap in any sense of the word, and expected unicorns and glitter to appear once applying it on my face - needless to say, that was not the case.

I just want to reiterate that this is solely based on my experience with this product - and even then, its not a bad product at all. I just didn't think it lived up to its hype, and considering it worked so well for everyone else, I didn't see why it shouldn't be magical for me as well.

So why didn't I get on too well with this concealer in particular? The damn thing creases EVERYWHERE. In fact, its probably the concealer that creases the most out of all the ones in my collection. Maybe its because its too much coverage for my under eyes, or too thick compared to my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer, I'm not sure. But it just creases up a storm and really doesn't look good under my eyes at all. Another issue I have is the coverage, although I think this issue is personal preference. It's super duper high coverage, really I think it's way too much for me personally on an everyday basis. So I generally use it only if I'm going out somewhere, but I still don't like as much even then when compared to my drugstore concealers.

One more big issue is the packaging. You'd think for the price you are paying that MAC would give you a decent dispenser for this concealer. Nuh-uh honey. Because you only need the tiniest amount of this considering the coverage, you need the tiniest, teeniest amount of it possible to cover your under eyes and any other places you wish to conceal. But this pump literally has a mind of its own. Need just a tiny dot for concealing? Here, have a truckload! Because of this it makes it really easy to waste the product, because you can't exactly shove it back through the pump, and also to cake your under eyes with more than necessary, purely because you don't want to waste said product. But I digress.

Here's some shots of the concealer in action - please keep in mind that it is a shade lighter, as I generally get them light to easily highlight:

So, unfortunately, this product is (IMO) completely overrated. Out of all my concealers, my favourites are both my Maybelline Age Rewind and Fit Me concealers, and they are both a part of my everyday routine and also if I'm going out. If you are thinking about trying this concealer, I would definitely grab a sample if you can before making the commitment to buying it. As I said, it's not a bad concealer in the slightest - I will still use it and finish it up. It's just not for me, and didn't live up to the expectations that I had for it.

What are some products that you consider overrated?

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  1. I really liked this post, and look forward to more! This makes me feel a bit better about not owning it haha! The packaging alone is a turnoff - I absolutely hate wasting product, especially when it's expensive. That absolutely sucks to hear that it creases badly! I must say it does look really high coverage and even a little cakey. Not my cup of tea!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Love the idea of this blog series. I hate products that crease - looks awful.


  3. It's so so nice to see some good old fashioned honest reviewing going on! Although it's disappointing to spend your hard earned money on products that don't live up to the hype, at least you can stop other people from doing the same! Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of your new series :)

  4. Loved this post, great work! I'm in the market for a new concealer so I'll be looking at Maybelline instead of MAC :) x

  5. Finally, someone else who has the same opinion as me regarding Mac Pro Longwear! I just don't love it! The pump is terrible, and it creases on me too. ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

  6. I'm so happy you wrote this! I really needed a new concealer because mine crease and I almost bought this!

    CAY | www.beautysblessings.com

  7. I bought this to cover up my acne, so it's great for that, but you're right about the bad packaging. The pump is crazy and the glass makes me hate taking it anywhere. I've seen so many broken ones!

    Lena | www.lenatalksbeauty.com

  8. Gaah I can't stand a pump that is too over-enthusiast, I'm like you, I try to use the extra product and it just doesn't look good, but such a waste of product to wash it away! I haven't tried this concealer but don't think I will now as I cannot. stand. creasing and will do anything to avoid it.

    Angie || the maquillage

  9. I've heard people complain about this creasing before. Very unfortunate.

  10. hahaha omg i loved this! you crack me up