7 Apr 2014

first impressions: stila in the light palette

Hey guys!

Eeeeeee, I am so excited to finally be doing this post! Like the Lorac Pro Palette (click here to read that post), I have kept my hands off this palette until right now. I have wanted this palette for so long, but for some reason when I went to the US last year, it somehow slipped my mind to put into my basket at Sephora. I'll blame jet lag on that one. I actually have never owned anything by Stila before, and I have heard so much about this palette, in particular the infamous shade Kitten. So, when ordering from Ulta with a shipping service (click here to read for more info on that haul) I took the opportunity to finally buy this.

So, you can imagine how hard it has been to keep my hands off of this palette. Just looking at it makes me want to swoon, its absolutely gorgeous. Read on to see my thoughts and swatches on this palette!

Just look at that perfection. I will never tire of neutral palettes. Honestly, I could have the same exact colours in like 10 different palettes and still need more. This palette is a mix of shimmer and matte shades, all on the neutral side. But, the shimmers and the colours can be used in so many different ways - of course you could use all the browns and creams to create an easy neutral look, but you could also just as easily create combine the reds, golds and blues to create something totally different as well.

The shades are mostly shimmer, with four mattes shades thrown in. They also give you one of their waterproof black eyeliners, as well as a little booklet containing some eyeshadows looks you can create with the palette (I seem to have misplaced this, but you can view it here). 

I have swatches of all the shades down below!

The top row shades are:

Bare: A matte cream shade
Kitten: A champagne, honey colour. This colour goes on like butter, I only needed to swatch it once to get it opaque for the swatch
Bliss: A matte medium brown shade. Could see this being good for a transition shade! This isn't hugely pigmented, I did have to swatch it a couple of times to build up the colour.
Sunset: A gorgeous rust red colour. Can you tell I'm obsessed with this shades at the moment? So in love with this shade, again, it goes on like butter and is so opaque
Sandstone: A deeper brown matte shade - seems that it would be pigmented, but I did have to build it up a couple of times to get the swatch.

The bottom row shades are:

Bubbly: This is so beautiful! A gorgeous gold colour, that again goes on like butter.
Gilded Gold: A brown with subtle gold shimmers throughout
Luster: A deeper brown with gold shimmers that didn't really translate on my skin as they did in the pan.
Night Sky: A navy blue shade with subtle silver shimmers
Ebony: A matte black shade

When swatching these, I noticed a huge difference in application, texture and pigmentation between the shimmer shades and the matte shades. I can see why the majority of these shades are shimmers - they apply like butter with minimal fallout, and just give such a beautiful sheen when applied! Don't get wrong - the mattes are nice too. They have a beautiful, soft texture, but unfortunately they aren't as pigmented as their shimmer counterparts. Still gorgeous, but the shimmers are the clear standouts in this palette.

Overall, I am so happy with this palette! It is so beautiful, and now having swatched the shades, I'm even more in love with it. I did get this for $39US from Ulta with a shipping service, but it is available from www.beautybay.com for $43.60AU (here) or from Mecca Cosmetica for $62AU (here).
Do you own this palette, or any others by Stila? Are there more I desperately need to get my hands on?

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  1. that looks amazing! love the pigmentation, check out my blog its http://maybemayhemmakeup.blogspot.com.au/

    1. Thanks babe, have already checked your blog and GFC'd.

  2. This is one of my favourite palettes, it is very versatile. I love wearing kitten during the day then smoking it up at night. And let's face it, it is just pretty to look at!


    1. Oh I love it! I'm so excited to own it, and its great to hear your love it too! xx

  3. Such Beautiful colours in this palette. Defs my next purchase! Love your blog!

    Chloe xx

    1. Thanks babe! Will check out your blog xxx

  4. This palette looks amazing and you have convinced me that I need it. The purple one looks beautiful as well, but I do not have it, therefore I cannot recommend it.

    1. Haha, I have a tendency to give people permission to buy products ;) It is beautiful though, well worth the money. Will have a look at the purple one!


  5. So pretty! This or Lorac? The hard life choices haha

  6. :D very pretty