10 Apr 2014

top five thursday: mascara edition

Hey guys!

Todays edition of Top Five Thursday is going to feature my favourite mascaras! This is a product that I am very guilty of hoarding, I have so many tubes that I switch between on a regular basis. But the five that I'm featuring today are the ones that I always go back to, mainly because they are all exactly what I want in a mascara.

My preferences for my lashes changes depending on what look I want to do. Usually, I prefer my lashes to look full and voluminous, but there is the rare occasion that I will want them to look super long. The five I will be talking about are my favourite voluminous mascaras, as that is generally what I will reach for on a frequent basis.

I'll be keeping this short and sweet, as I have spoken about some of these in previous blog posts. Read on to see what I love about these mascaras!

Products pictured (l-r): Dior Diorshow Mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, Model Co Fibre Lash Extension Mascara

1. Dior Diorshow Mascara
This is the only product in my collection that I am sure is a holy grail for me. To say that it is the best mascara in the world is an understatement - basically, I will always repurchase this no matter now much it costs. I have written a full review on this mascara here, so I won't drone on about it. It is just the best mascara in the world for giving my lashes volume without ever clumping. Seriously, I could put layer upon layer of this on my lashes and it will just keep making them bigger and better. Plus, this wand is amazing. It is huge and grabs every single lash. You can buy it in Australia in select Myer and David Jones Stores for around $51-52AU.

2. L'Oreal Vouminous Million Lashes Mascara 
I have to say, I think that L'Oreal make the best drugstore mascaras. Honestly, I have about five, and there is not one that I do not like. I just really enjoy this one, because like Diorshow it grabs every single lash, and really seperates and thickens at the same time. It has a plastic brush, which I generally don't like, but this doesn't affect my opinion at all. This is just a really fantastic drugstore mascara. I did buy it in the US for $8.99US (from memory), but this is available in Australia at most drugstores like Priceline for $27.95AU.

3. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This mascara is amazing, and well priced for a high end mascara. It has an hourglass shaped bristle brush that really curls my lashes up and makes them long, black and voluminous. So impressed with this, especially given that in the US it is cheaper than the majority of drugstore mascaras in Australia. Even here, the price really isn't outrageous. Basically, if you are looking for a high end mascara that isn't going to blow your budget and that is really good for volumising your lashes, look no further! You can find this in Australia at Kit Cosmetics (part of Mecca Cosmetica) for $31.95AU.

4. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Otherwise known as THE BEST drugstore mascara for making my lashes look amazing yet natural at the same time. When I first purchased this, I accidently picked up the brown shade and couldn't be bothered to take it back for exchange - I am so glad I didn't. This is perfect for everyday wear, it just goes with everything and as I said, my lashes always look amazing but never overdone. I featured this in my Spending Ban/Project Pan post, and it really is almost out. But I will be repurchasing this 100%! Again, this is available in most Australian drugstores like Priceline for $24.95AU.

5. Model Co Fibre Lash Extension Mascara
As someone who is scared to use false lashes, I usually look to a fibre extension mascara to give my lashes that 'false lash' effect. This is the best one I have found thus far! I have a review on it here, and I also compared it to the Too Faced Better Than Lashes which is more than half the price and really not as good as this one. To read a more thorough review on this, click through to that link. I just really like this, it gives an amazing amount of volume and really thickens your lashes to the point of almost being falsies. You can buy it in Australia at Woolies for $21.45AU (there's a sale every couple of weeks), but otherwise you can find it here on the Model Co website for $19.95.

And that's it for this weeks edition of Top Five Thursday! Mascara is one of the few items I really couldn't live without, and I love all of these mascaras (plus more) to really make my lashes look amazing.

What are some of your favourite mascaras?

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  2. I love the Max Factor mascara too!

  3. I love the modelco fiber lash!