6 Feb 2014


Hi everyone. My named is Rebekah, and yes, I am a make-up-aholic.
As you may have read in my about me, I am 21, and was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. For the past year and a half, I have been make-up obsessed. No longer am I the girl with the orange foundation with obvious lines and creases, with no eyebrows and clumpy mascara, oh no. Since watching beauty gurus such as fellow Australian, Lauren Curtis, Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerreiro to name a few, I have learnt the error in my ways and done a full 360 degree turn. The only problem is, I now cannot stop. I own more than enough foundations, blushes, bronzers, mascaras and lipsticks etc. to supply a small army for a year.
To be completely honest, I am absolutely ordinary. I am just a girl, in her twenties, who has a job and goes to university full-time. I also manage (in my free time) to spend almost my entire pay check on make-up (when it doesn't have to go towards petrol and other 'grown-up' necessities). But, before I purchase said make-up and other beauty related products, I am always searching for reviews and swatches to see whether the product I am thinking about is actually worth the money and the dedication to trying it out. I want to know if it will work with my skin type, my skin tone and what will set it apart from the other 50 almost exact replicas I already have stashed in my make-up drawer. And the majority of the time, I buy it anyway. Its only money, right?
My aim for this blog is to basically share my knowledge, my opinions on certain products and favourites with you all. Especially living in Australia, where the price of cosmetics is unbelievable when compared to other countries, it is hard to know what products are actually worth the money. I should mention that I am in no way a beauty expert - all opinions that will be stated on this blog are genuinely my own and have been formed by me trialling the products myself. I actually have a passion for learning more and more about make-up, and thought that while I was already spending an enormous amount and hoarding it just for me to look at when I am sad, I may as well share it with the internet.
So welcome to my blog! If you enjoy reading reviews, looking at swatches and just generally love and hoard cosmetics like yours truly, I hope that you enjoy :)


  1. I just read your whole blog! Lol i love it!!!!!!!
    I love finding aussie bloggers espsh from syd like me!

    1. You are too sweet! Love your blog also ;) but haven't read all the way through, going to now!
      I know, us Aussies have to stick together! Its so nice to find someone who is from here as well :)