12 Feb 2014

review: kardashian beauty en-joystick lip lacquer

Hi lovelies!
Ever get that feeling when celebrities release products, such as perfume or jewellery, and think that they must be really desperate to try yet another attempt to prolong their fame? I know this went through a lot of peoples mind when the Kardashian sisters added a cosmetic line to their rapidly expanding business empire.
Personally, I am a fan of the family. I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians every week, and am pretty up to date with their news (as much as anyone can be). When I first heard that they would be releasing a line that involved make up, I was actually excited. Not only because it was make up and I need every new product that is released, but also because the Kardashian sisters are known for how they do their make up, and how perfect and airbrushed it always looks, especially Kim. After some drama with the name of their brand, the line was finally released under Kardashian Beauty.
I looked at the products that would be released online, and the one thing that struck me was the En-Joystick Lip Lacquers. Lip products are up there with my favourite types of cosmetic products, but there is something about a lipstick in the form of a crayon that makes me think that I need it. These were in the US for about a year before they made it to Australian stores, and as soon as I noticed they had gone up on www.kitcosmetics.com.au (available in Myer) for the low price of $15.95AU, I brought three of them to try out.

I brought these in Baby Doll Pink, Sea Coral and Shocking Pink (swatches in that order). First of all, can we talk about the packaging?? These girls sure know how to make products look pretty. They are housed in sleek white packing in the shape of a pencil, with rose gold detailing. The colour of the pencil is represented at the bottom so that it is easy to find which one you want in your make up bag. They also do not need to be sharpened, as they are a twist-up.
Not only is the packaging absolutely beautiful, but the product inside is not half bad either! There are so super creamy and just glide on to the lips so easily. The tip of the Joystick comes sharpened, so it is easy to line your lips and fill them in. Both Baby Doll Pink and Sea Coral stay so creamy, with a lustrous finish on the lips, whereas Shocking Pink dries to an almost semi-matte finish. I get maybe 2 hours wear out of Baby Doll and Sea Coral, maybe less if I eat or drink in between, and with Shocking Pink, I am able to push it to about 3-4 hours. I assume this is because it dries to a semi-matte finish, and the other two are still quite creamy when set.
The only real complaint I have about these products is the smell. I am not really sensitive to smells, but this is sort of like a plastic vanilla smell, definitely not like the pleasant vanilla smell that comes with MAC lipsticks. It does disappear after about 10 minutes, but if you are someone who is really sensitive to smells you may want to try them out in store before purchasing. It isn't a deal breaker for me, just one thing I am not so crazy about.
And now for the actual lip swatches. These were taken in natural light, and the sunlight does wash out the intensity of the colour a little bit.
My lips, with nothing on them whatsoever.
Baby Doll Pink

Sea Coral

Shocking Pink (sorry for the shoddy swatch...)
So what's the verdict on these?
If you couldn't already tell, I LOVE THEM!! These have literally lived in my make up bag since I brought them. The Kardashians have actually created a product worthy of all the hype that they have recieved. Not only are they compact, travel friendly and beautifully packaged, the product itself is just amazing. Sure, they don't have a seriously long wear time, but touching up only takes a couple of seconds. And for $15.95AU, its even better. These are cheaper than most Australian drugstore items, for example the Revlon Just Bitten Kissables Balm Stains, and I can honestly say I prefer these. I'm sure these will be a staple in my make up bag for a while to come, and I will definitely be purchasing more colours when I get the chance. I recommend these a million times over!
For Australians, these are available in Kit Cosmetics Stores (available in select Myer stores), or from www.kitcosmetics.com.au 
*all products discussed in this post were purchased by myself. photos and opinions are all my own*

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