25 Feb 2014

mini review: the body shop honey bronzing powder

Hey guys!
I used to be scared of bronzer, I have to admit. For someone as pale as me, it is usually hard to get a bronzer that will look natural on my skin, and not look orange, or muddy and dirty. Because of this, I usually avoid bronzer when I am not self tanned, just opting for blush so that my appearance doesn't look flat or unnatural.
After watching guru's like Ingrid (missglamorazzi) and Estee (essiebutton), who are pale like me, try out products on their face to give themselves a contour without bronzing inspired me to try a product that they both raved about: The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder!

Luckily, a shopping centre near me has a Body Shop store, so I went in about a month ago in search of this bronzer. In Australia, it is available in three colours: 1, 3 and 4. I do believe that overseas it is available in four shades. I originally wanted to buy this is number 1, as that is the colour that is raved about for pale skin tones, but it was sold out in my store :( . So, instead, I ended up getting the darkest colour, number 4 deep matte, because the majority of the time I am self-tanned anyway. I thought it would be good to test while I was self-tanned, and then if I liked it enough I would purchase it in number 1 another time.
How cute is the pattern on the bronzer?? I think that it is so adorable that it is designed to look like honeycomb. Always a sucker for packaging, what can I say? It is very simplistic on the outside, a deep golden brown colour with The Body Shop logo in gold. It's also small enough to fit in your make up bag without taking up to much space.
There is a huge reason I love this bronzer, and when you hear it you might be like what?? I love it because it isn't too pigmented. You literally can swirl your brush in this powder for 30 seconds, and it will hardly leave any colour on your face. This might not be perfect for everyone, but I love it because it is so difficult to put too much on and make your face look like a mud pile (my problem). This colour is a little too orange for my liking, but because of the fact that it isn't pigmented, it looks totally different on my skin VS the packaging.
Swatched heavily on my hand. You can see how it barely shows any colour.
I really do like this bronzer. I think it is perfect for everyday, and I will 100% be purchasing the one for paler skin tones in the near future. Number 4 is great for when I am tanned though, and its so easy to just pop a little on my cheeks for everyday to add some colour and life to my appearance.
This retails for $28.95AU and is available in all The Body Shop stores. Check out their website www.thebodyshop.com.au to find the store closest to you :)
Let me know in the comments below if you have any other bronzers that are designed for paler skin tones!

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