13 Jun 2014

my current favourite primers

Hey guys!

A week or so ago, I mentioned that my primer box (see above) is absolutely overflowing with primers. Why do you ask? Well, the face is 100% my favourite part of my makeup routine. You may all know that my foundations are already taking up the majority of my collection, but I honestly believe that without a primer my foundation wouldn't look as nice nor stay as long.

As such, I have collected all of these primers in hopes that I would find the primer to end all primers. I typically go for primers that provide hydration or a luminous finish as I have normal to dry skin, and I just find that these help my foundation glide on over any dry patches and help prolong the wear of my makeup - I don't ask for much.. I have already made a post on Primer 101, in which I go into detail of which primers are the best for different skin types, if you are wondering which primers will work will with your skin.

When I asked if you guys would like to see some of my favourite primers from this box, it was a definite yes. I am always on the lookout to try something different, and the primers I will mention in this post are my favourites thay I've tried on my quest so far. Actually, theres six (which I will mention despite not owning it at the moment) that are all the ones I love and switch between in a semi-regular basis.

Read on to see which primers made the cut!

1. Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Primer (not pictured)

Of all primers that I have tried, this is my favourite! I only don't own it at the moment, because I recognise that I may have a slight problem in hoarding primers and don't need anymore at the moment. I have however mentioned it a million (exaggeration?) times on my blog, and it is just everything I want in a primer and more. It provides my skin with an extra hit of hydration without being a moisturiser, and a tacky enough surface for my foundation to adhere to and stay all day. Plus, it gives me a subtle glow before I got in with the rest of my face. As soon as I use up some more of my collection, this baby will be the first one I buy. It retails for $21.95AU here on the Priceline website.

2. Models Prefer Liquid Light Brightening Primer

A newer purchase of mine, this is fast becoming a favourite in my primer routine. I honestly didn't expect much, because I always thought that Models Prefer products were a bit miss rather than hit. But I was definitely proved wrong. This is a creamy formula with subtle shimmers in it that doesn't make you look like a disco ball but just livens up your complexion. It does provide some hydration, but really I just love it because of how my skin looks when I go in with my foundation. It does help my face to stay on a good eight hour day as well. This retails for $16.99AU here on the Priceline website.

3. ELF Cosmetics Mineral Primer in Green

This product is probably the one that garners the most questions on my Instagram. Does it work to correct redness?  Is it worth spending the little amount it costs? Guys, this is up there with my most favourite and coveted primers. Yes, I'm as shocked as you are! This actually works really well to neutralize my redness, plus my makeup is pretty much going nowhere when I put this primer on. It is silicone based, so I do wait a minute or two for it to sink in to my skin, but honestly, this is worth every dollar and I would 100% pay it all over again. You can find these at Kmart, I only paid something between $8-12AU.

4. Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

This is the only high end primer that I've tried and loved. Its a balm type of primer that you swipe on your face and then rub in with your hands. It smooths over any dry patches I have and makes them pretty much non-existent. While I haven't worn it on my face for 15 hours, I 100% believe that my makeup would still be on my face at that mark. Plus, its lasted me forever and the packaging is so adorable. For a high end primer, I would pay the money again if I ran out. You can find this at Benefit counters in Australia for $47AU or here on the Benefit website for $32US.

5. Garnier Perfect 5 Second Blur Primer

I won't harp on about this primer as I have a full review on it here. But, I really like this primer because it honestly blurs the blackheads on my nose! Any imperfections I have are magically gone when I use this primer, and considering its price, I was so impressed. I would definitely recommend trying this if you are someone who wants a cheaper alternative to something like the Benefit PoreFessional. This retails for $16.99AU here on the Priceline website.

6. Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer

This is another newer addition, but I am loving it! It reminds me of my Bourjois Primer the way it feels and makes my skin look. While this is made for more mature skin, I think that people with drier skin would benefit from trying products that are made for more mature skin. This is because they provide an extra shot of hydration to your skin, which is definitely what I want in a primer. This is like going in with a moisturiser after my actual moisturiser, and smooths on my foundation. I would recommend this if you are, like I said, someone who suffers from drier skin, because this definitely hydrates my skin. This retails for $24.95AU here on the Priceline website.

And there you have it! My current favourite primers - I love going through my box of wonders and realising what I love and don't love about the ones that I own. There are still others on my list, but I will stay strong in my resolve not to buy anymore until I clear out this box a little.

What are your favourite primers?

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  1. i love primers too! one of my favourite primers that i'm currently using is by Mecca Cosmetica! It's the Lit from Within Primer, its makes your skin look like its glowing from within! Love your post on primers!

  2. Must try the elf primer x

  3. I love the elf primer too! xx