21 Feb 2014

mini review: l'oreal lumi magique pure light primer

Hey lovelies!
Todays post will just be a quick review on a product that I feel is held favourably in most reviews on Youtube and other beauty blogs. Seeing as Australia pays something like 200% (I have heard that figure somewhere, but don't quote me on it) more for cosmetic products than every other country in the world, our drugstore items are priced similarly to most high end products in the US. Because of this, it is really hard to determine what is actually worth the money, and what is not, which I have said before in previous blogs.
Todays product is not a bad product I feel, but I feel like a fair review needs to be done by someone who has paid the Australian price for it rather than the US price. I'll be reviewing it under five different categories: What the Product Is, What it Claims to Do, What I Think, Is It Worth the Money? and Would I Repurchase? Hopefully, by the end of the review, you may have made your mind up about it as well :)
I also need to stress that this is not a reflection of the brand in question, but the product itself.
The L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

Swatch of the primer
What is the product?
The L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer is the base primer that is supposed to go hand in hand with their L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation. It is supposed to give your skin a boost of hydration and brighten your appearance so that once your foundation is applied it looks all dewy and glowy, all while prolonging the wear of your foundation.
What does it claim to do?
From L'Oreal's Australian website, it claims to be "... ideal for preparing the skin for beautifully radiant make-up results." and that it "... masks irregularities and uneven textures." It also says it provides an "... even-textured surface for foundation to look its best and stay on the skin longer."
What I think?
Here are some photos before and after applying the primer (all photos are taken in natural light):

Before primer
After primer
Before and after side by side
Do I think this is a bad primer? No, I don't. In terms of it evening out my skin tone, and brightening my skin it definitely does a great job. It is not completely clear in the photos, but I do feel that this helps my foundation to go on smoother and definitely makes my skin look absolutely radiant.
The issue I have with this primer is its staying power. Typically, foundation lasts pretty well on me, except in my t-zone. I am not oily, it just so happens that foundation tends to wear off my nose and chin pretty easily, which is why I set it with a powder to help it last as long as it can. However, this primer does not help your make-up last any longer than if I was not wearing any primer at all. Maybe it's just my skin, but I find that I can only wear this primer and foundation for about two hours before I can see it starting to wear off.
So.. Is it worth the money?
That's the other issue I have with this product. In Australia, this retails for $27.95AU. Is it worth that? No. It's a lovely primer in the beginning, but people usually buy primer for two reasons: correcting uneven skin tone and to help the make up stay on longer. For $27.95 I expect it to at least do those two things, and a musical act for me. It does correct skin tone and make your finished look more radiant, but there are plenty of other, more affordable primers that do that and keep your face from wearing off.
In the US this retails for $12.99USD which is much more reasonable than $27.95AU (about $25US for any American readers). If you can get it cheaper, either if you're visiting the States, or making an order with a shipping service, even online or on sale, sure give it a try. But I would definitely research it further (don't go just off this review) before you pay the full price in Australian drugstores.
But keep in mind that just because I'm not hugely fond of it, doesn't mean that it won't work for you :)
Would I repurchase?
Not in Australian drugstores. Maybe on eBay, but I have plenty of primers to get through before I need to buy another.
Please let me know if this review was helpful in the comments below, and if you'd like to see more in this format :) I really value your opinions!
Until next time xxxx
*all products mentioned in this post have been purchased by me, and all photos and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise*


  1. Wow, it didn't prolong wear time at all. In fact, that's an incredibly short amount of time before seeing wear. I'm new to your blog and am wondering why beauty products are priced so much higher in Australia. (I'm in U.S.) The price you would have to pay is way too high for a L'Oreal product. :(

    1. I agree! Especially as I am someone whose make up wears quite well :/ I'm not sure why the mark up on the prices here is so much more than the US - I have asked quite a few cosmetic companies why that is and no one has ever gotten back to me. Which is why a lot of Australians who are really into make up usually use a shipping service and buy from Ulta or Sephora because it is a lot cheaper than here!

  2. Great Review. I totally agree with you I have used this product on a few occasions but had the same problem with the wearing power it looks great to start with then after a few hours I notice that my foundation on my t-zone is starting to wear away. I do have a oily t-zone but have not had this problem with different primers for instance the benefit porefessional wears a hell of a lot better, my foundation does not disappear I just need to remove the oil. Defiantly not worth the Australian price!