6 Jun 2014

review: younique 3D mascara

Hey guys!

Today's review may be a little controversial - I know a lot of us beauty bloggers have grown to dislike this brand because of the amount of sellers that bombard us on our Instagrams, emails and blog posts.  I'll admit, I'm guilty of getting extremely frustrated with certain sellers who constantly comment on my posts asking me to buy their products - even tagging my followers answering questions about products that aren't even featured on my page.

However, I had one independent named Dana who had never tried to gain unwanted attention from me asking if I wanted to try the mascara. Of course, I was curious about the product. So, I said yes, in hopes that I could try the mascara and write this post. Because, even though the sellers may be relentless and annoying at times, this may be a gem of a product hidden behind all that commotion. Think of it kind of Lime Crime lipsticks: Doe Deere herself isn't exactly the greatest selling point for her brand, and turns alot of people off by doing what she does. But the lipsticks themselves aren't bad! And we should give this mascara a chance to speak for itself, shouldn't we?

To do this review, I put my feelings about certain representatives of Younique aside to honestly find if I liked this mascara for itself. I've spoken about my love of fibre lash mascaras before (because I don't like false lashes), so this definitely seems up my alley. Although this was sent to me to try, I need to stress that this is 100% my honest opinion and absolutely unbiased.

Read on to see an overview of the product, a demo of the mascara and my final thoughts!

The mascara is in two tubes - one is the 'Transplanting Gel', which seems to be a mascara type product, and the other smaller tube holds the fibre lashes. Basically, you are supposed to use another mascara of your choosing, then go over it with the Transplanting Gel. Once you do that, you then coat your lashes in the fibres and then go back over with the Transplanting Gel to seal in the product and prevent those pesky fibres from moving from your lashes. I'm not 100% sure if Younique recommends to repeat the process or not, but I don't see why not.

The Transplanting Gel mascara, and a close up of the brush.

This basically looks like a typical mascara wand - a bristle type wand with a black mascara formula. The difference with this is that, once you apply another mascara underneath, you run this over the top to act as a tacky surface for the fibres to hold onto. Going over it after you have placed the fibres over top is supposed to seal the fibres in so that they stay fabulous on your lashes, and don't get stuck in your eyes or go all over your face.

The Fibre Lash mascara, with a close up on the brush.

I know the photo looks out of focus - it's not, trust me. You can definitely see the fibres on there in all their fluffy goodness! I have to say this part of the mascara definitely surprised me - if you've used other fibre lash mascaras, such as the Model Co one or Too Faced Better Than False Lashes,  you'll know that the fibres that come with those mascaras are not only white, but that they also come on an actual mascara wand. Sort of like the Transplanting Gel wand, but a bit smaller.

This is not a wand so much as a little stick. All the fibres are woven around it sort of like candy floss. The other thing is that these fibres are BLACK! I actually love that about this mascara, you don't have to work nearly as hard to conceal those fibres as you do with the other fibre lash mascaras I mentioned above.

Here is a demo of the mascara - these pictures are from my first time trying it:

In the first photo, I only have the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara on my lashes. In the bottom photo, I have only the Rimmel mascara on the left, and the Rimmel mascara plus the Younique mascara. You can see that my lashes on the right are definitely more full, volumised and dramatic when compared to the lashes on the left.

So what do I think?

I'm actually really really impressed with this mascara. I am someone who loves the clumpy-but-not-too-clumpy mascara look, because I have long lashes that can get really spidery really quickly - another reason I love fibre lash mascaras. Considering I expected to not really like it after seeing other before and afters, I am pleasantly surprised.

I think the trick with this mascara is to use a lengethening mascara (like the Rimmel one I used) underneath before going in with the Younique mascara. The Younique masara gives amazing volume so I would say that a volumising mascara underneath isn't necessary. In terms of buildablity, I would only repeat the process twice, otherwise your lashes will be extremely clumpy. Thats just my personal preference though - if you are someone who loves that look, layer it upon layer girl!

The only thing I'm not 100% sold on is the price of this mascara. This retails for $29US each which is a little steep for a mascara that isn't really high end nor drugstore. But, in saying that, you do get the two mascaras in one that are a decent size each and it seems like it will last forvever. Another thing is that the mascara does not dry out my lashes, or pull them off when I try to remove it. So it's really up to personal preference as to whether you would purchase it for yourself or not.

This has just been released to the Australian market, and is available to buy from independent representatives. Thank you so much to the lovely Dana for sending this to me to try out! I definitely think its worth a try if you're a lover of fibre lash mascaras like me, and you can find the products here at her website Dazzling Lashes and Beyond ! You can also find her here on her Instagram.

Thanks for reading guys! I know everyone is going to have a different opinion on this mascara - and it's really down to your own personal preference as to whether you want to try it for yourself or not :)

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*This product was gifted to me, but that it no way influences my opinion of it per my Disclaimer 


  1. This mascara actually looks quite nice but I've always been so put off by the pushy sellers on social media, it really doesn't help sell the brand at all! It's nice to see that the product works and works well.

    Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    1. Seriously! The barage of these sellers and the nerve of them tagging people in pictures of the product and constant inviting to "parties" is SOOOOOO annoying. If you sell this and you think you're not annoying all your freinds, you're WRONG. I would never try this mascara just based on the annoyance factor.

  2. Thank you sweetie for your honest review. Glad you were willing to try Younique's fiber lash mascara.

    I sincerely apologize for the behavior you've seen some Presenters exhibit. That is NOT my way or Younique's way.

    My goal is to SHARE these products that I love with other women. I will continue to do so with my work ethic in place along with respect for others.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing check out my website at www.dazzlinglashesandbeyond.com
    Interested in learning about the Younique opportunity contact me dazzlinglashesandbeyond@gmail.com for more detail

  3. A great post Bek! Its a shame that this cool product has been over shadowed by pushy and unethical social media behaviours


    R @ lipsticknlinguine

  4. thanks for sharing <3


  5. Thank you! Younique is fabulous. Best product I have ever used!https://www.youniqueproducts.com/SallyNavarro/

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  7. I have a friend on social media that sells younique products, and I have to be honest. Before I seen any of her stuff on facebook, I had never heard of it. She never pushed, she never offered she merely put things on her wall for others to see. My favorite was her covering a tattoo with the foundations. AWESOME!!!! That of course piqued my curiosity. I am going to order and can't wait to try it. I love the sun, so of course I have sun spots and I want a good coverage. I may come back and let you know what I think, however I have a feeling I'm going to love it!

  8. Awesome review! If someone here does not have a Younique Presenter, or if you would like all of the information about the business opportunity, email me at suchadollfacexo@gmail.com. Follow me on instagram! suchadollfacexo :)

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  10. I'm about to try out this product too! I'm a little bit dubious as I've heard the horror stories! I just don't want to get gammy eyes! It seemed to work for you though!

    1. Hi hun we offer a love it guarantee so if you did want to try it and felt it wasn't right for you if you return it within 14 days you will get your money back (all of our products have the love it guarantee). But at the end of the day the choice is yours and like previous ladies have stated we are not here to push or bombard just to give you options and info x

    2. I will advise though to only buy through a Younique presenter or direct through the website as items on eBay and Amazon will not be the genuine product and may cause some damage as we are unsure of what is in them (Younique presenters are not allowed to sell on these sites or other selling sites) we now have a new and improved formula in our 3d fibre lashes plus so if you know the packaging is now also different as well as the mascara tubes x

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  12. Great review :)

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