25 Jun 2014

winter skincare essentials!

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that I've been a but quiet for a bit over a week now. I had some things happen in my personal life and was lacking in creativity and inspiration, so I decided to take some time off to relax. I'm back though, not to worry, and finally bringing you Part 2 of my Winter Beauty series. 

This time its all about skincare, and what I have been using to keep my skin from completely drying up and looking all cray. I have been using this combination since midway through Autumn to start prepping my skin, and have it to thank for my skin feeling as good as it does at the moment. I love trying new things for my skin, but typically in Winter I like to to stick to a rigid routine because straying from it can lead my skin to dry out and look awful - ain't nobody got time fo' dat, amirite?

So here's the routine I stick too - read on to see what I use and why!

After taking off my makeup, the first thing I do is go in with Clarisonic. This little machine is my baby, I'm pretty shocked how much this has improved my skins appearance and texture. I know some people hate on it because of the price, but I do not regret spending one cent. I use this to firstly get rid of any remnants of makeup on my skin (which there always is, even after scrubbing it with my favourite makeup remover the Garnier Micellar Water), and also to gently exfloiate my skin to get rid of any dry patches I may have. My skin always feels completely smooth after using it.

After using my Clarisonic, I get a little cotton round and pour some of this on it. Not only does this get rid of any makeup that the Clarisonic may have left behind, it also adds a little more moisture back into my skin. After swiping it around on the cotton round, I then turn it around and use the drier side to pat off the excess cleanser that hasn't soaked into my skin yet.

Two newer additons that have recently-ish made it into my skincare routine are these two godsends from Bioelixia. I use the Multi V Moisturisng Lotion in the morning, and the Multi Action Eye Serum at night, as it tends to ball up my makeup if I use it in the morning. I adore both products, they smell so good and they're so incredibly hydrating, ESPECIALLY the eye serum. A little tip I also use in Winter is to put my a little of the eye cream on the ends of my nose and on the sides of my lips because those are my driest spots - works wonders, and its so amazingly moisturising!

Oh lawdy, do I love Sukin Skincare. I have a full post on all my products here but these are the two that are most important in my Winter skincare routine. On the left, we have the Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream which contains rosehip. I love this as my night time moisturiser, it sinks in straight away without leaving any greasiness at all, just baby soft moisturised skin. On the left, we have my ever beloved Rosehip Oil which I use before the moisturiser. I can never say enough good things about this oil - its another great shot of hydration, yes, but it also makes my skin more plump (in a good way) and radiant when I wake up in the morning. (And yes, I needed a tissue under it because it unfortunately leaks everywhere - even when standing upright!)

And of course, the most necessary part of Winter, for me anyway, is to maintain a gorgeous bronzed glow. Because everythings better with a tan, of course! These are two that I have been loving lately. The J Bronze Dark Tanning Mousse, which gives me this beautiful deep golden colour that looks extremely natural despite being ' fake tan, and a newer edition, the Stefan EcoCoco Tan which is not a mousse but a cream developing tan. I have been using that for the past three weeks, and it smells exactly like Reef Oil and moisturises my skin at the same time - love multipurpose products!

And that's it for my Winter Beauty Skincare Routine! Wouldn't be able to maintain my skin without these products - and it's so important to have this in place because a smoother base will give you a more flawless makeup.

What are some of your Winter skincare essentials?

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  1. Rosehip oil is really good for the skin especially at this time of year! I love facial oils they do wonders!

  2. Do you use anything with the Clarisonic or just water?

    1. Hi! I use the Sukin SensitIve Cleanser as well as water :) xx

  3. I must see a photo review on the eco-coco tan!! And Sukin night cream is the bomb!

  4. I think it's about time I bought the clarisonic it'll be a saviour for my skin , but they're so pricey :/