4 Feb 2015

you're so overrated #2 - lime crime lipsticks

Hey guys!

Last year, I started a series of which I would write about products hyped up within the beauty world that really fell short for me. I was really happy with the way it went over with you guys, you really seemed to appreciate the honesty without ever being rude or leaving innappropriate comments. I'm really hoping that doesn't change with what I'm about to write about.

I'm going to start with a massive disclaimer:

This is solely based on MY OWN experience of the products shown. This experience is in no way a reflection of the way I feel about Lime Crime or it's founder, but rather how they have individually performed on my lips. Mwah.

Okay, so now that's out of the way, let's just get a tiny weeny bit personal. I don't like Lime Crime. I really really don't. These were brought before I had done research on the company and knew about its founders questionnable morals and ethics. However, like I said, this post is honestly and completely all about the way I feel about these lipsticks - and I felt this way BEFORE hearing Lime Crime's history. I understand could potentially be a controversial post for some, and I won't be making this a rant about the company. If you are unsure of what I am speaking about, you can google Lime Crimes history and see there for yourself.

So stop right here if you're not interested in reading about my negative experience with these lipsticks - promise I won't hate you! But, if you are someone who is thinking about making the purchase, and is still unsure/if you're just interested in hearing my thoughts, please read on!

From l-r; Coquette, Babette & Centrifuschia

Now to the lipsticks themselves. I have never ever before been so disappointed by lipsticks in my life. I own a lot of lipsticks, let's be real, and I can honestly say that these come at the bottom of the pack. I want to say that the advertising on these lipsticks are completely off the track - of the three that I own, NONE have matched up to the swatches or colour on the lips shown on the Lime Crime website. I understand that some editing is maybe necessary, even a tinsy bit of photoshop. But come on, LC seriously? I was most disappointed with Babette - it looked like this gorgeous pastel-ly nude-y orange/coral, and in reality it is NOTHING like the advertisement that I originally brought it for. And also Coquette! I swear all the Youtubers get the good versions and the rest of us get the duds.

First of all, the bullet packaging. While they look cute, quirky and different, you can tell by holding them that they feel cheap and tacky. They're big as well - thick and clunky compared to MAC. Not only that, they don't seem to do their job by holding the lipstick in place. Both Coquette and Babette have managed to both slant and run up the side of bullet. They also don't seem to be holding in very well to their packaging (as you can see in the photo below) and I'm guessing if I actually used them that it would have completely torn off by now. Let me also be clear that the damage shown in the picture below is with pretty minimal useage.

Second of all, they're supposedly super creamy but manage to show up every single crack and dryness on my lip without the lasting power of a matte lipstick. They wear off about an hour after application, and considering these are considered high end lipsticks with a pretty decent price tag, I expect better. They also smell like a rip off of MAC lipsticks, sort of like an off vanilla.

Thirdly, they sweat like no other lipstick I own. These have been kept upright and out of the heat, and yet they all have beads of sweat on them, especially Centrifushchia. I did try to get a clear photo, but unfortunately it wasn't working out for me. If you look hard in the first picture, you are able to see it. To me, again, for a supposedly higher end lipstick, I expect SO much better. I feel like these are almost going off as we speak because of how much they sweat and stew in these below grade plastic casing.

So there you have it - regardless of what you think of the company, its pretty obvious these lipsticks are not worth the money. If you've managed to make them work for you, let me know down below! Otherwise, I'm pretty certain these will be given away or thrown out soon..

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  1. My centrifushia sweats all the time!

  2. I was never into the Lime Crime scene. Shades too out there and price is a bit much. I would rather buy from other brands.The pink shade looks nice though.
    xx Kat @ Katness

  3. Ew I've never had a lipstick sweat before minus the time I got stuck on a bus for 3 hours in 100 degree heat. Sorry you got crappy items, love the post though.

  4. Ew I've never had a lipstick sweat before minus the time I got stuck on a bus for 3 hours in 100 degree heat. Sorry you got crappy items, love the post though.

  5. Aw that sucks that these are so bad :/ I tried the Lime Crime eyeshadows and those were really good... I guess it's good that I didn't move on to try these as well. Sorry about your experience!

  6. Such a shame, I live in the UK and these are always the lip products I want when I go on holiday!

  7. I'm really not a big fan of limecrime lipsticks either! I only own one but I don't think I would buy more as I agree with you that they aren't very high quality and there are much better lipsticks out there for much less. I would way rather buy a new MAC lipstick than LC! I just don't understand the hype! Great post Bec :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  8. This sounds like a bit of a fail! I've never bought from them after hearing about a lot of the shady things their founder has done, and it sounds like I haven't missed out.

  9. Well this has put me right off Limecrime, its a good thing we don't get them in my country! I do really like the colours themselves though.



  10. Oh my! What a disappointment x

  11. I love your blog! x

  12. I have never tried Limecrime before but I was looking into it. Your post with help from a few other factors have made me decide against it. For the price, a MAC lipstick would probably be a good choice instead of wasting my money.
    Thank you
    Rainee Days xx


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