1 Apr 2014

first impression: lorac pro palette

Hey guys!

I think we can all appreciate a beautiful eyeshadow palette. To be honest, I am someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow all that often - I am usually strictly a natural eye look girl. Sometimes, I add some smudged brown eyeliner to my lash line to make my eyes look bigger, but that's all I do on an everyday basis.

As such, up until recently, I've only owned a handful of palettes - of course the Naked palettes, a couple of MUA ones and the Too Faced Natural Eye. But, I've started getting more into buying eyeshadow palettes and am enjoying the variety I now have! My collection of palettes is steadily growing and I am loving it.

One palette that has ALWAYS been on my list is the Lorac Pro Palette. I featured this yesterday in my Ulta haul, and mentioned how I have been trying to find it forever. I didn't want to purchase it online because, to be frank, there are a ton of fakes out there. If I'm going to pay the money, I want to be sure it is real! So, when I made my Ulta order I knew that this had to be a part of it.

I thought I would do a first impression of this for you guys! I asked on my Instagram if you would rather see this or the Stila In The Light palette, and Lorac won by a landslide. Especially as this palette is basically non-accesible to us Aussies (the only way to get it is through a shipping service from their website or Ulta), we want to see if it's worth the money buying it. So here it is ladies!

Read on to see what I think of the palette and the shades itself!

As I said in my previous post, I was surprised by how thin this palette was. I don't know what I expected, but this is not even a centimetre tall. The packaging itself is a matte black, with silver writing. The lighting in my pictures throws that off a bit, but it actually is silver not the beige colour that is shown in the above photos. But it is a long palette, with a big mirror and it holds some of the most beautiful shades I have laid my eyes upon. 

The palette holds eight matte shades and eight shimmer shades. Of course this is a neutral palette, but it has enough variety that you can create a ton of different looks with this palette. From browns, to champagnes, to reds, purples and pinks, this could be used for everyday or for night looks.

When swatching the shadows themselves, I have to say I am impressed! They go on like butter, and for the most part opaque in one swipe, and I only noticed major fallout on one shade. The colours all tie in so nicely together, and I love how inspired I am by this palette. Naked 1 will always have my heart, but this could definitely share a piece of it!

The top row holds all the matte shades. The colours are:

White: A standard white shade - there is really no other way to describe it!
Cream: A beige shade, almost a skin tone shade
Taupe: A mid toned brown, can see this being a great transition shade
Lt. Pink: A baby pink shade
Mauve: A purplely brown shade - reminds me on Nooner from the Naked 3 palette
Sable: A deeper, warm toned brown shade
Espresso: Another dark brown shade, just a shade darker than Sable and cooler toned. This was the only shade that I noticed fall out.
Black: Standard black shade - excited about this! My only other matte black was in my Naked Basics palette, and it shattered everywhere on my US trip :(

The bottom row contains all of the shimmer shades. The colours are:

Nude: A lovely shimmer lid shade - can see this being perfect for the lid!
Champagne: The name says it all really. A standard champagne shade.
Gold: A standard gold shade, extremely pigmented
Lt. Bronze: I love this shade! It's a light bronze, which I think is different from the usual shades that are really bronze normally.
Pewter: A mauve purple, so pretty and pigmented!
Garnet: A dusty red colour. This looks be what I wanted Amaretto in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette to be like! Excited to use this!
Deep Purple: The brightness in the photo washes it out a bit, but this looks to be promising! It's a lovely dark purple, and the shimmer is very subtle!
Slate: A metal grey that is similar to Gunmetal in the Urban Decay Naked palette.

I am seriously so happy I made this purchase! This is just one of those palettes you need in your life, and if you are someone who really only uses one palette this is one for you. It can easily be dressed up or down, and it can be the PERFECT travel palette! I cannot see these shadows shattering or anything awful like that.

I would highly recommend that you pick this palette up - either go to the States and pick up a couple to bring home, or order it online with a shipping service. Yes, the shipping is horrendous, but this is worth its weight in gold.

Remember to keep an eye out for tomorrows post - it will feature this palette ;)

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  1. Ah i love this! I need it so bad. What about ebay babe? Im on there now but im worried of dupes! It doesnt seem duped though as its averaging $70! I need those nude and champagne and bronze shades now!

    1. no dont buy it off ebay! theyre all fakes and super expensive. im making an order with a shipping service after my spending ban, we'll order you one then to save shipping + its only $42!

    2. If this was dm you know the swear words i would be saying about them being fake!! The f#ck.. Not fair! And no no you can do a shipping there after your ban, first top is that website from lastnight!!! ;) CC? Dont mind if i do...

    3. yea that one too! but hold ya money close because i still will make an order as well as that ;)

  2. I want this palette so bad! Now you've made me want it more! Looks gorgeous! xo

  3. I have an obsession with eyeshadow palettes, i'd love to get this to join my collection!! I love the colours, really nice and versatile!

    1. I would definitely recommend it! For sure worth the money xx

  4. Great review :) you should try swatching products on the inside of your arm, as it's easier to see the consistency on smooth skin :)