17 Apr 2014

what's in my travel beauty bag?

Hey guys!

Happy Easter to you all! I hope the Easter bunny is good to all of you, especially all you big kids out there, and that your long weekend is full of chocolate comas!

Today, I am going away for Easter (yay!). I leave today, and I'll be coming back on Easter Monday. I thought that given I was going away, and have to pack anyway, it would be a good idea to show you guys what I generally pack in regards to beauty. Given that I am only going to be away for four days, I am packing as light as I can because I may not even necessarily wear makeup while I'm away. But I still want to pack the essentials (and maybe a little more) in the event that I do decide that I don't want to scare people when I leave the hotel.

Read on to see what I packed for this trip!

I always use these two bags to pack my skincare and makeup products. I use the left for my makeup, because it has two sections that zip up and it makes the items quite secure inside the bag. The right bag is for my skincare products, as it is quite deep and my skincare products don't require a lot of tight packing as they're not as delicate as my cosmetics.

This is what I am packing for my skincare routine. Actually, I'm packing everything because I want to make sure my skin stays the best it can be, especially as I have been having trouble with it since my Clarisonic broke (waaaaaaah). If you would like to see an updated Skincare routine, let me know in the comments! I have written a post here, but it has changed a little since then.

These are the products that I am packing to use on my face. I'm packing a primer, BB cream and a foundation, amongst others. I realise that it is only four days, but I like to have options. Plus the BB cream is too light for me, and the foundation is really lightweight. I'm not packing anything with heavier coverage as I really doubt I will need it. These will be perfect if I need a sheer coverage, or if I want to build it up for this little holiday.

And this is what I'm packing for my eyes. I'm not packing any eyeshadow, because I honestly don't wear it on a regular basis (plus, the last time I travelled, I took my Naked Basics palette and the black shadow shattered all over the other colours in palette, rendering it basically unuseable :( ), but I am packing a brown eyeliner so I can amp up a look if need be. I'm also packing two mascaras, one for lengthening and one for volume (because I want some choice), and my brow pencil because that is so essential in my routine.

And lastly, this is what lip products I am packing. Apart from lip balm, of course. I know I did a post yesterday all about my top Autumn lip colours, but really I do prefer nudes and pinks, and I don't want to pack anything I know I'm not going to use! Plus, I am heading somewhere where warmer than Sydney :) I decided to take one nude, a light pink and a deeper pink so that I have a little variety that is still going to be within my comfort zone.

What are some of your beauty essentials when you travel? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a safe and happy Easter everyone - please stay safe over the long weekend and enjoy all the chocolate you can eat!

Until next time...


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