28 Apr 2014

product review: occ lip tars

Hey guys!

Today's post will be a review on the OCC Lip Tars! I feel like these products don't get nearly enough love as they should, especially from Australian bloggers. Hugely underrated, these have to be one of my favourite products to work with. They're basically lipsticks but better - they are so pigmented and opaque, you literally need one drop to cover your lips. And even then, it's usually too much! It's so easy to get a custom lip colour, just mix one or all of them together and bobs your uncle! But, in all seriousness, these are products that you need in your life (if they're not already) for your lips.

At $18US a pop, I wouldn't say these are too expensive. Especially with the quality of this product, I can guarantee you are never going to run out of one of these. Usually, they are sold at IMATS, which is where I started my collection, and otherwise are available on http://occmakeup.com/ in the lip tar section. There is a huuuuge variety to choose from, ranging from nudes, pinks, corals, purples, reds and blacks. They also come in different formulas, including Matte, Metallic and Gloss textures.

I personally own nine of these. I purchased some when I was IMATS last year, and (as it was my birthday on the same day), I got some gift money which I used to buy the rest.

Products pictured (l-r) - Hush, Annika, Digitalis, Divine, Femme, Narcissus, Anime, Hoochie, Black Dahlia

1. Hush - A gorgeous light pink nude; definitely my favourite and most used of the bunch!
2. Annika - A darker peach nude shade
3. Digitalis - A light purple pink; another well loved shade!
4. Divine - A neon coral shade
5. Femme - This is described as a baby pink on the OCC website, but I honestly think its a little dark and bright to be a 'baby pink'
6. Narcissus - A lovely deeper pink shade - a couple of shades darker than Digitalis
7. Anime - A bright fuschia pink; so pretty and fun!
8. Hoochie - The token purple shade; I ADORE this colour!
9. Black Dahlia - A really deep, deep, deep red shade; definitely different!

Swatches (l-r): Hush, Annika, Digitalis, Divine, Femme, Narcissus, Anime, Hoochie, Black Dahlia

All the swatches above are ONE TINY DROP of each lip tar. You can see how much pigment they really have just by looking at that picture. I really love all of these shades, you really need the tiniest amount of each to cover your lips and achieve the full colour pay off.

Are these worth the money? Um, heck yes! $18 is really reasonable considering you only need a drop of product each time you use it, plus they're on par with most Australian drugstore lipsticks in terms of price. These little tubes will last forever and ever, and if I ever ran out of a used shade, I would most definitely repurchase.

Have you tried these OCC Lip Tars? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I got a kit of 4minis and Black Dahlia was included. I agree with you, they definitely are worth the money. I really want to try Narcissus and Femme!

  2. Oh these look cute!! That hush shade looks lovely!

  3. You got some amazing shades. I need to get my hands on Black Dahlia! It's sooo beautiful!