16 Apr 2014

review: it cosmetics bye bye redness neutralizing creme

Hey guys!

In my Ulta Haul, I mentioned that one of the main reasons I wanted to buy from Ulta with a shipping service was because of this product. Ever since watching Meagahn Rienks do a review of it on Youtube, I wanted this little guy. I saw it make her blemishes and redness disappear, and knew that I needed this in my life. It Cosmetics is virtually unavailable in Australia (like alot of great cosmetics companies; Lorac, Urban Decay to name a few), so I had to use a shipping service in order to try this out.

This basically a cream product that you can use underneath or as foundation that is supposed to colour correct and neutralize the redness on your face. Being someone who suffers from redness as it is, but who is also going through the breakout of a lifetime right now (RIP Clarisonic), I really wanted to try this out and see how it went with my skin. I watched plenty of Youtube videos, and also read a ton of reviews here on other blogs, and decided that it was worth a go.

I just want to give a quick run down on what I believe to be the pros and cons for this. I have been using it on and off since receiving it, and I think that that's long enough to form an opinion!

As I said before, I got this in my Ulta Haul using a shipping service. I paid about $39US (approx. $45AU) for it. It comes in this teeny tiny cute pot, and it contains 11mls. That is quite small for that price tag, not even including shipping and other products. Do I believe it's worth it? Read on to find out!

The little pot containg the product.


- This is so unbelieveably pigmented! It is amazing how well this covers any redness and discolouration

- While it is really thick and creamy, you hardly need any to cover any of your redness. I can see this post lasting forever even with me using it once a day

- Because it is so small, its extremely travel friendly

- The cap on top of the product prevents the product from escaping or drying out

- If you only use it on the places you need it, it doesn't look try or cakey underneath foundation

The cap underneath the lid. I have only used what is on this cap to stipple it onto my face


- Price tag: some may not be able to jusitify the price when compared to the quantity of the product

- If you use too much, it can look cakey as the more you have, the harder it is to blend

- It can be hard to use under foundation as is quite thick and creamy

- Only comes in one colour shade, which is a medium tone, so it will not be suitable for paler or darker skin tones

Top & Bottom Photo: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness used as my base

Overall? I'm really impressed! I have been loving putting a tiny amount of this on my redness and blemishes to hide them before going in with my foundation. Yes, its expensive, but considering I have only used what is in the cap (and haven't even used that up), I can see this lasting forever. As you really only need the teeniest amount, it is worth the price tag in my opinion.

I did buy this from the US, and as far as I know this isn't available here in Australia unfortunately :(

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on this product?

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  1. I saw Shannon talk about this! I really want to try it too! Thanks for the review :)

    Nhi | Miss Blushaholic

  2. Wow i really want this! I need something good to cover my redness! Why is nothing good in Australia!
    Looking stunning as always!

  3. looks wonderful on your skin!! i've never herd of the brand either! great post!

  4. Pmstudio.com.au does stock this for $42 and most of their cosmetics range plus more :)