11 Apr 2014

revlon matte balms review & swatches

Hey guys!

These little suckers FINALLY hit Australian shores at the end of March, and I for one was so super excited. Given that I had already had a taste of these when I went to the US last November, I was desperate to get the rest of the collection. So, going into my local Priceline almost everyday in February and March (seriously, they must have thought I was some creeper), when they FINALLY got released, I went and brought the rest of the collection. I mean, Priceline did have them BOGO free, so what's a girl to do?

I already have a post on the matte and lacquer balms that I brought in the US here, but I asked on my Instagram if you guys would like to see a review/swatches here on my blog, and the response was an overwhelming yes. I don't think I'll do one on the lacquers - I only own a few and I don't think they measure up to their matte counterparts this time. These are well worth the money, and have such a wide colour range, as well as being easy to apply and for the most part long lasting.

Read on to see lip swatches of the colours! 

Swatches (l-r): 205 Elusive, 210 Unaplogetic, 215 Shameless, 220 Showy, 225 Sultry, 230 Complex, 235 Mischievous, 240 Strinking, 245 Audacious & 250 Standout 

There are ten shades in all ranging from nudes, pinks, purples, berries and reds. All shades go on pretty smoothly, and most are opaque in one swipe. The above swatches are all one swipe (!), but unfortunately not all of them are as pigmented on the lips. In saying that though, I am really impressed with the whole range, and I think I will get wear out of ALL the colours which is really rare for me. As well as that, I was surprised that two of the colours I didn't think would suit me are probably amongst my favourites of the whole collection. Big thumbs up Revlon, these are amazeballs.

205 Elusive

210 Unapologetic

215 Shameless

220 Showy

225 Sultry

230 Complex

235 Mischievous

240 Striking

245 Audacious

250 Standout

From the lip swatches, you should be able to tell which wear the best. The lighter colours aren't as great in my opinion - the colour itself is nice, but they applier patchier than the others and emphasise any dry flakes on my lips. Other than that, I am so impressed with these and I adore all the colours. Personally, Shameless and Sultry were dark horses for me, and Elusive and Standout are two of my other favourites. But really, you can't go wrong with these!

Let me know if you love these as I do! Which colours do you own?

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  1. I love these so much! Revlon definitely does the best 'drugstore' lip products!

  2. Ive been searching for a post like this about these Revlon matte balms for ages, wanted to see what the colours look like on lip before i bought any..Thanks love it!


  3. I want to buy Sultry but I'm not sure! It isn't to dark? I want something like my lips but better. Kind of

    1. I would say it is a little too dark to be comsidered a MLBB, but its still a great shade!