23 Apr 2014

review: too faced natural eye palette

Hey guys!

It feels like forever since I have actually sat down to do a blog post for you guys! Usually, I do five posts a weeks Monday to Friday, but unfortunately due to university, work and internship commitments, I have little time to photograph and write posts which sucks because I do really miss it. But, until I have more time, I will be sticking to three posts a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday! This is just because I would rather give you guys three great posts rather than five mediocre ones. Of course, I am nearly always available on my social media networks, which are always linked below at the end of my posts :)

So todays post will be a review on one of my all time favourite palettes. Some of you will know from my earlier posts that I am generally a neutral eye girl - I don't think I wear eyeshadow enough to warrant having one with crazy colours! This is, alongside of my Urban Decay Naked 1, my most used palette. It is just simply perfect for everyday, and is appropriately packaged for travelling as well!

Read on to see swatches and my thoughts on the shades!

I won't lie - I adore all things Too Faced. They are 100% one of my all time favourite brands, and I think they are reasonably priced for a high end brand. They are great quality, and you also get a decent amount of product considering the price you pay. This palette is no different!

Like the majority of their other palettes, it comes with these three cards that give you different ideas for an eye look incorporating the palette. These are great, especially if you are a beginner and are not sure what colours should go with which. 

The shades themselves!

How beautiful do they look.. So gorgeous, you can tell its a neutral eye palette but it also has a little bit of a twist with the shimmery pinks and gold. It's a mix of mattes and shimmers, with the palette focusing on the shimmers this time. The majority of them are opaque and pigmented, but I have to say I was disapointed in one particular shade with how it applied. But aside from that, I am impressed and nearly all shades apply like butter!

And here are the swatches!

First column:

Heaven: A matte white highlight shade. This does take a couple of swipes to build up the colour
Silk Teddy: A shimmery light pink, another highlight colour. Very subtle!
Nude Beach: Seems to be a light pink with pink and silver glitters. I'm a bit disappointed in this shade, as it really only swatches glitter and it fallout goes everywhere!

Middle column:

Velvet Revolver: A very cool toned matte brown, so cool that it's almost grey - a great transition shade
Push Up: A dusty pink shimmery shade
Honey Pot: A gold shimmery shade. This shade and Push Up go on like butter!

Last column:

Sexpresso: A dark cool toned matte brown shade
Erotica: A dark brown shade with gold shimmers
Cocoa Puff: A warmer brown shade with subtle shimmers

I've said it before and I'll say it again - how freakin' amazing is Too Faced! If you are just beginning your makeup journey, this would be your perfect palette. Yes it costs a little more, but its easy to travel with (it's virtually unbreakable), plus it has no scary shades and can be used everyday.

I'm not 100% sure if this version of the palette is still readily available - Too Faced actually re-released this palette this year, and replaced Nude Beach, Velvet Revolver and Cocoa Puff with new different shades. The new shades are still pretty much identical to the ones in this palette though, so I'm not sure of the reasoning behind changing them.

Unfortunately, I can't find it online at the usual Australian stockists (it's temporarily unavailable), and I assume that's because this new version will soon be arriving and taking its place. You can find Too Faced cosmetics here at this website www.kitcosmetics.com.au , and they should hopefully have this palette in stock soon. Their palettes usually range from $50-60AU.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Don't put yourself under pressure to blog five days a week babe! Everyone understands that you have life stuff as well :) just don't stress about it otherwise you'll find it a chore and not something you adored.

    I've always eyed up this palette but I just don't think I can justify it. It's gorgeous though :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Yea, I definitely agree - I don't want it become something I have to do, over something I actually want to do. Thanks for the advice :)


  2. This palette is available at www.aleisha-Jane.com.au. I got one last week and am IN LOVE!!!

  3. This palette is available at www.aleisha-Jane.com.au. I got one last week and am IN LOVE!!!

  4. This is such a cute palette! I agree with Sarah though i dont know if i can justify it, then again if i have a spare 50/60 i wont hesitate. I still think the Lorac is number one on my want list, or the urban decay choc palette. Dammit women stop selling me palettes hahah <3

  5. what a beautiful neutral palette, i'm definitely putting this on my wish list!

  6. I am in love with this palette and I see they came out with another one recently. Also, five days a week is a lot, don't feel too pressured!

  7. this looks beautiful, hurry up payday ;) x